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  5. WW2 scenes III

    WW2 scenes III

  6. Robert Lee HAMMER (2)

    Robert Lee HAMMER (2)

  7. Robert Lee HAMMER (1)

    Robert Lee HAMMER (1)

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    Photos Photos of the US Army in the ETO

    Photo of Detachment D6G1 of the 1st European Civil Affairs Regiment, taken at the Hotel Koener in Clervaux, Luxembourg, where the unit was posted in fall 1944. Front row, left to right: Cpt. Subliere (Canadian Army), Georges Koener (hotel owner) and Lt. Wykes (British Army). Back row, left to...
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    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
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    A member of the US Army Parachute Demonstration Team, The Golden Knights, at the 2008 airshow at Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.
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  14. 0000.tank7USA1955


    Experimental US self-propelled firing position type from 1955
  15. AAR Galileo

    Video US Army Future soldier

    They are watching and playing to much scifi movies and video games !
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    Photos US Army Patches from IOF/OEF most local made.

    a sample of some US Army ground units IOF/ OEF patches
  17. US Army Lieutenant Ralph Vernon and men 1944

    US Army Lieutenant Ralph Vernon and men 1944

  18. US Soldier with M1A1 Carbine.30

    US Soldier with M1A1 Carbine.30

  19. Pretorian

    Mil News War on Terror & Terror Attack News

    Terror In Nice, France Terrorists have taken the lives of at least 84 people in Nice, France. A lorry ploughs through packed crowds gathered for Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, southern France, killing at least 84 people, in what French President Francois Hollande calls a terrorist...
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    Photos WW2 US Forces

    A U.S. Army Air Forces Martin B-26G-11-MA Marauder (s/n 43-34565) from the 497th Bombardment Squadron, 344th Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, enveloped in flames and hurtling earthward after enemy flak scored a direct hit on left engine while aircraft was attacking front line enemy...