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  1. USN Atlantic Fleet, 1919.

    USN Atlantic Fleet, 1919.

    USN Atlantic Fleet, 1919.
  2. Bellucciman

    Photos Memorial Day Weekend Airshow 2017

    Photos of the last air show from May, 2017 I was able to attend. #HelicopterAction
  3. USN t-6 Texan

    USN t-6 Texan

  4. 274387149361116 (2).jpg

    274387149361116 (2).jpg

  5. US-Army-Cargo-Fleet-WW-2-Image-030.jpg


  6. PBR Mk1 in the Mekong Delta 1967

    PBR Mk1 in the Mekong Delta 1967

    PBR Mk1 in the Mekong Delta near My Tho sometime 1967. River Section 533. My father on the right.
  7. Peter EYNAUD (2)

    Peter EYNAUD (2)

  8. Peter EYNAUD (1)

    Peter EYNAUD (1)

  9. Interwar equipment

    Interwar equipment

    American submarine S-39 in a Chinese port
  10. rotary wing

    rotary wing

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  12. Ulithi


    USS Ticonderoga at anchor in Ulithi
  13. Ulithi


    USS Denver anchored at Ulithi
  14. 2018-11-05-LT-McWilliams-and-CAPT-Kerwin-Dec-1973-242x300.jpg


    Then-Lt. McWilliams meets Capt. Joseph Kerwin, the first American physician in space, December 1973.
  15. Bombardier

    Remembrance Remembering Chief Petty Officer Shannon M. Kent

    Stand Easy, we will see you at the Re-Org
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  17. F-4B_VF-74_taking_off_1961


  18. Chazman

    Photos Spruance class destroyers.

    This is an offshoot of popeye's excellent stories thread, I wanted to move this conversation elsewhere as to not hijack his thread. My son was stationed on board the USS Paul F. Foster DD-964 from April 2000 til April 2003 ..check this out. Download HiRes BTW, this is the last surviving...
  19. colin traveller

    Photos USS Lexington Found after 76 years

    I can't see anything with relevance of the recent finding by Paul Allen ... in this section
  20. EJ.

    Intro Another newby

    U S Navy veteran, Served aboard USS ESSEX CVS-9, 1960 / 1964, "The Oldest and the Boldest". USS Maddox DD731, 1965. Was a snipe, worked in the evaps, we berthed with the oil and water gang. The Berlin crisis, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Blockade, all the tense cold war stuff going on. Now serve as the...