I am trying to publish photos in chronological order for now. Just notice how the German soldiers look worse and worse with each passing day of battle. During the battle for Stalingrad in the Red Army, on the contrary, the fighters began to monitor their appearance as much as possible (even in a combat situation).

German machine-gun crew at the destroyed T-34 in Stalingrad.
November 1942

The officer assigns a task to the soldiers of the 389th Infantry Division. Stalingrad, autumn 1942. A soldier has a captured Soviet SVT-40 rifle in the foreground.

Armored guardsmen N.S. Belyakovtsev and M.Ya.Besarabov with an anti-tank rifle PTRD-41 in position among the ruins of Stalingrad, November 1942.

Author: Efim Kopyt.


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