Soviet troops ferry a heavy 152 mm ML-20 cannon howitzer and a 152 mm M-10 howitzer (in the background) across the Akhtuba River near Stalingrad. 1942 year.

A Soviet flamethrower on the territory of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant (STZ), where fierce battles were fought during the defense of Stalingrad. October 1942.

The soldiers of the commandant company of the headquarters of the 62nd army are holding the defenses north of the STZ. Stalingrad Front, October 7, 1942.

The commander of the sanitary platoon of the guards separate machine-gun battalion of the 13th guards rifle division of the guard, military assistant Lyudmila Gumilina (born in 1923), assists a wounded Soviet soldier. Lyudmila Georgievna Gumilina, after completing nursing courses from October 1941, fought in the Crimean, Southern, Stalingrad, Donskoy, Steppe, 2nd and 1st Ukrainian fronts, Guards. military assistant, since 1943 - guards lieutenant of the medical service, in the position of the commander of a sanitary platoon reached Berlin, was wounded three times, awarded the medal "For Courage" (28.11.1942) and the Order of the Red Star (06.06.1945). After the war she graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute, worked as a neuropathologist at the Kiev hospital for war invalids, was awarded the Order of the October Revolution.
Location: Stalingrad. Time taken: 11/17/1942. Author: Valentin Orlyankin

Soldiers of the workers' battalion-militiamen near the Krasny Oktyabr plant. The fighter's helmet is most likely worn on a cap with a visor or on a budennovka.

In late October - early November 1942, the chilly autumn weather in Stalingrad changed to a harsh winter with frosts, at which the air temperature dropped to 20 ° C and even 30 ° C. Ice appeared on the Volga, preventing navigation. The onset of icy winds and blizzards made it difficult to use aviation. The lack of sufficient winter clothing weakened the morale of the German infantry.

Photo: Soviet troops making their way through the ruins of Stalingrad, November 1, 1942
Photographer: Georgy Zelma


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