soviet armed forces

  1. Bennie

    Photos Soviet Armed Forces

    An Armoured unit of the Carpathian Military District equipped with T-54 tanks and SU-100 self-propelled guns during an exercise,1955
  2. Leo_Chambers

    Photos Soviet misadventure in Afghanistan

    Some of a collection of images sent to me by a gentleman in Kazakhstan, who I bought some Soviet era militaria from. I don't know how he came by these, or if any are of him and his time serving there. I though I'd share a few, starting with some of the Mi-24 photos. Hope these are of interest...
  3. BravoZulu

    Photos WW2 Soviet Forces

    A battle-worn, pre-Kursk T-34-76 M1942, followed by a much newer T-34-85; Berlin, 1945
  4. Soviet naval assets

    Soviet naval assets

    Soviet monitor and gun boat
  5. Soviet subs

    Soviet subs

    Soviet sub damaged by mine
  6. Soviet subs

    Soviet subs

    Soviet Northern Fleet L-20.
  7. Soviet subs

    Soviet subs

    Soviet S-51
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  9. Stormovik

    Photos Soviet and Russian Military Educational Images

  10. P18 "Spoon Rest D" Radar

    P18 "Spoon Rest D" Radar

    Soviet P-18 radar in with Parol IFF