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Apr 9, 2019
Greetings Guys!!!

May I present you Su-22 Ghost Grey Polish Air Force, For a 6$ kit from Plastyk, yes there are some problems with the kit and the building was really hard especially the cockpit it had a tub for a two-seater and won't fit well I struggle for few hours then I realized I need to cut in half to fit it. Which work, also there are someplace you need to do lots of dry fitting. There are gaps and need filling and sanding. The decals came with just a nation roundel and one instruments diagram for the cockpit. I wanted to build the ghost grey one, which I did but since I lack the decals some I left it. Actually for a kit that cost 6 bucks am quite happy. Painted using Tamiya and local paints. Hope it has turned out okay, cheers

I am enjoying the blue skies as long as I can, cause I don't get these kinds of skies in Mumbai.

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Comparing to the original -


- it's a really great job!

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