Project 885M, Yasen-M class (NATO Severodvinsk) SSGN Novosibirsk (K-573) during commissioning ceremonies on 21/12/2021. Photo by Oleg Kuleshov
Modernized A-50U long-range radar surveillance and guidance aviation complex.
It can detect fundamentally new types of aircraft, and is also capable of simultaneously tracking a larger number of targets and guided fighters than the previous modification.
A-50U long-range radar surveillance.jpeg
Supersonic anti-ship missiles 3M55 "Onyx" launches from the coastal mobile anti-ship missile system 3K55P "Bastion-P".
During the operation to transfer the Russian contingent to Kazakhstan, the Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft was used for the first time in a combat situation.
A new minesweeper "Georgy Kurbatov" project 12700 arrived in Sevastopol from the Baltic.
Georgy Kurbatov project 12700.jpg
Georgy Kurbatov project 12700b.jpg

Now there are three new minesweepers project 12700 - "Ivan Antonov", "Vladimir Emelyanov" and "Georgy Kurbatov".
minesweepers project 12700.jpg
A BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier lands from a Black Sea Fleet Ropucha I class amphibious ship during an exercise in 2021

Project 667BDRM Delfin (NATO Delta IV) class SSBN K-114 Tula surfaced in the Arctic after a torpedo was used to make a hole in the ice. March 2021

Project 636 Varshavyanka (NATO Improved Kilo) class submarines Volkhov (B-603) and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (B-274) along with Project 1914.1 Marshall Nedelin Class Missile Range Instrumentation Ship Marshal Krylov (CER-331) of the Pacific Fleet on a very snowy day in Vladivostok, November 2021
Russia's Western Regional Command stated that military maneuvers have been launched in 4 regions on the Ukraine border.
According to the statement, the exercise was launched at the polygons in the Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk, and Smolensk regions with the participation of about 3 thousand soldiers and 300 military equipment.

Simultaneously with the Russian Army, the Belarusian Army, the 38th Air Combat Brigade, started a military exercise with real ammunition in the border region.Ukraine
Sukhoi Su-34s (NATO Fullback) fighter-bomber/strike aircraft of 47th Bomber Aviation Regiment out of Voronezh, Western Military District conducted training flights in difficult weather conditions. January 2022

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