16th Airfield Maintenance Battalion, 2023
On Thursday, November 9, the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland to use the Polish Military Contingent (PKW) in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the evacuation of citizens of the Republic of Poland staying in the Gaza Strip was published in Monitor Polski.

Around 7:00 a.m. November 13-th, Polish time, two Polish C-130 Hercules planes landed in Egypt.
The PMC Egypt task force involved in the implementation of Operation Neon-E includes soldiers of the Air Force, Special Forces and military medical personnel. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Bureau are also on site, along with Polish Army soldiers.


The planes also carried humanitarian aid, which will be transferred to Egyptian hospitals for the injured from the Gaza Strip.


Before At 11.20 it was reported that both planes had taken off on their way back to Poland and that there were 19 Polish citizens on board, including children. The evacuation list included 29 people, the mission will continue.


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23rd Tactical Aviation Base - independent flights of Polish pilots on FA-50GF aircraft are currently taking place, and the first training of new pilots in Poland has also begun.


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