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Sep 19, 2009
Howdy out there in the land of rusting military hardware and even rustier military veterans, from just another Vet in Virginia. My name's Clay, an ex-Unit Policeman/Field Artillery Ammunition Carrier Driver/Field Artillery Cannon Crewman/Duty Driver/Brigde Specialist/Mobile Assault Bridge Operator/Company Artist and Cartoonist. Yep, a jack of all trades and a master of none... and would you believe I did all that in only two 3 year tours in the U.S.ARMY?
I'm still serving in The American Legion, POST 320, Spotsylvania, Virginia. I was active duty on my 2nd tour when LEBANON and GRENADA took place. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone who served during a time of conflict, whether they saw combat, or, like in my case, didn't, they seriously consider joining their local AMERICAN LEGION. Veterans and their families are counting on us, as well as our hometown communities.
OK, enough with the serious stuff... I'm a medically disabled Concrete Laboratory Technician, ( Diabetic ulcers on both feet w/ a lot of nerve damage ), who spends his free time building 1/72 scale military models, ( for use in my Wargaming Club ), Drawing cartoons for POST 320's NEWSLETTER, BLOWING THE CRAP OUTTA BIN LAUDIN TARGETS AT THE RANGE WITH MY .44 MAGNUM, and BLOWING THE CRAP OUTTA BAD GUYS ON MY XBOX 360.
I attend regular conventions for HISTORIC MINITURES GAMING SOCIETY, EASTERN DIVISION. I'm a Southern Baptist who my pastor continues to look at strangely, ( I'm not your typical church going type), who used to ride a Harley Super Glide, ( until a cage driver pulled out in front of me ).
I'm married to a good woman with a heart of gold, for going on 15 years now. I'm 50 years old, although some days I feel a lot older. I've got numerous tatoo's, use foul language, ( though I'm seriously trying to curb that aspect of my former military experience ), and am 6' 8" tall and 360 pounds.
m_gun;"There are very few personal problems that can't be solved by a suitable application of high explosives." -Anonymous
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Welcome on board.

Yes welcome aboard mate (Y)
Welcome, Clay. Hope you enjoy getting around on the site. At 6'8" and 360lbs., just don't step or sit on me solaf.
OK, Frisco... I'll try to avoid turning those in my path to pulp as I tromp around the countryside. But seriously, I really enjoy all the Forums MI has to offer.
That must be quite a big nutshell... laughsol;

I believe you will feel quite at home on this great forum. welc.
My thanks, Artic-Wolf. Interesting name. I say that as I used to work with wolves and wolf hybrids on a rescue ranch in Rahmah, New Mexico, back in 1994.

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