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Remember when those boys were trapped in that cave in Thailand a year or so ago?

Musk in an obvious PR stunt offered to have a self-constructed submarine brought to the site. A British diver helping with the rescue efforts was asked about this and dismissed the idea as the underground tunnels were barely spacious enough to accomodate a human being. When Musk continued to chime in, he advised him (essentially) to shove the submarine up his arse.

Musk responded to this with an announcement he'd have the submarine brought to the cave and make a documentary about how the vessel could have been of use, promising to make the Brit look like an idiot. He ended his tweet by calling him "pedo guy".

Utterly bizarre.
Oh there was also that case.

Did he even apologize?
No, and he left the courtroom yesterday saying his "belief in humanity had been restored". Such a strange, strange man.
Maybe he has reached the point where he is so idolized in media and elsewhere (maybe surrounded himself with 'yes' people) that he has started to believe himself that even his poop smells of roses.

I worked for a guy who was just like that (although he was big only on a Finnish level).
They say genius and insanity are twinned beings, but I feel compelled to doubt his genius. As I did Steve Jobs'. Those guys had a great nose for innovation – for great deals, as Donald the Great would say –; does that make them geniuses?
Theatre predator case: City officials urge youth to reach out

The investigation has proceeded. Now he is also suspected of sexually abusing a child.

Police now suspect theatre director Veijo Baltzar of aggravated rape and aggravated child sexual abuse after new victims came forward.

Baltzar was already suspected of aggravated human trafficking related to his time running the Drom theatre company after a career spanning decades in Finnish cultural circles.

The new suspicions mean police have until June to charge Baltzar, after the deadline for completing the preliminary investigation was extended from February.

"Investigating this exceptionally broad case will take several months," said Saara Asmundela of Helsinki police. "As a result of the new suspected crimes there is now a lot of work to do, including interviewing dozens of witnesses."
Helsinki draws flak for vaccinating kids with only dad's approval

Deputy parliamentary ombudsman Maija Sakslin has rapped Helsinki city school health officials and clinics for allowing three children from the same family to be vaccinated based on permission from just one parent – the father.

In May 2018, the youngsters received the MPR vaccine, which provides protection against measles, mumps and German measles or rubella. At the time they were about to travel to a region in the grip of a measles outbreak.

The mother filed a complaint about the matter with the parliamentary ombudsman.

She acknowledged that current legislation on the matter is ambiguous but stressed that health officials need permission from both parents before a child can be vaccinated.

"Because health care and clinic professionals were aware of the guardians’ differing opinions and the procedure did not have the approval of the statutory authority, the children should not have been vaccinated," she said in the ruling. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/...inating_kids_with_only_dads_approval/11185041

So in case where votes are 50/50, the idiot wins.

Just Finland things...

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