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Corporal - USMC
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Feb 22, 2006
I've been intentionally absent for several years, due to personal issues.... medical, emotional and death in my family.
I do read, just don't post much anywhere because I tend to benefit less and suffer more when I get to emotionally involved with the subject. Tried another site recently, and as usual, too many disrespectful people without honor or regard for their fellow man. The poser/wannabe problem continues to haunt me, with their profane and dishonorable agendas of deception and sacrilege.
This site is still one of the most reputable, due in no small part to Andy and a core group of sincere and dedicated men of honor who post here, many of whom I consider my friends.
Semper Fi, Scott
Hi Scott, welcome back, we all have short leaves from time to time.

Welcome back.

Semper Fi

Welcome back

Welcome back, Scott. I, too, have been off for a couple of years for most of the same reasons. I have moved to Arizona since and am back raising horses just to keep active.

Good to hear from you Eagle.... I have visited Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson and of course, Tombstone. I hope you haven't suffered from any of the recent wildfires or dust storms out there. Good luck with the illegal alien problems and I support your elected state and county officials who insist on doing what the federal government refuses to do... protect our borders and citizens from foreign drug cartels and illegal immigration. I have nothing but sympathy for our Border Patrol agents... underpaid and out gunned and not supported by the White House.
Good to hear from you

Welcome back Scott. Semper Fi from your Airborne mate.
Welcome back Scott. Semper Fi from your Airborne mate.

Always good to hear from my British/Australian mate. I still have a dream to relocate to your land down under. My bride is willing to start over and I have run out of excuses. It may happen yet !
Semper Fi Mike... Airborne all the way !

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