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The SS Atlantic Conveyor, a merchant container ship requisitioned by the British Ministry of Defence and modified to act as a "improvised aircraft carrier", approaches the rendezvous point off the coast of Ascension Island during the Falklands War; central Atlantic, early May of 1982

One Sea Harrier was kept on ‘Deck Alert 20’ in the anti shadower role to protect against the Argentine Air Force 707 reconnaissance flights with tanker support provided from Ascension for a short period should it be needed.

Atlantic Conveyor sailing South with Wessex on the rear flight deck

The Board of Enquiry stated the following;

ACO hit by two Exocet, port quarter level with after end of superstructure, 10-12 feet above waterline. Missiles entered C cargo deck in vicinity of lift shaft. Ship in a port turn passing through approximately 90 degrees at the time
Between then and 20.10, when the decision was made to abandon ship, the damage control and fire fighting continued, despite a number of systems failing. HMS Alacrity came alongside to attempt boundary cooling and RFA Sir Percival also stood off the port quarter to render assistance.

The light was fading and sunset marked at 19.58.

Ammunition was dumped overboard but at 20.05 the fires were assessed as being uncontrollable with a high risk of spreading to the forward hold where considerable quantities of kerosene and cluster bombs were stored.

Shrapnel was reported to being seen coming through the ships sides as ammunition was exploding.


Heavily-laden British soldiers of 11 Platoon, D Company, 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment wait to embark in a helicopter at Fitzroy during the Falklands War. The three pictured are, left to right, Private Dave Parr, Lance Corporal Neil Turner and Private Terry Stears. This is the last known photograph of Private Parr, who was killed shortly afterwards during the assault on Wireless Ridge on the night of 13-14 June. He had earlier been shot during the Battle of Goose Green.

This particular photo is on the cover of my copy of the book ''Tumbledown''

Tomorrow we will witness the demolition of the last remaing landmines from the Falkland Islands. This is a historic occasion for the whole community after many years hard work by Safelane and removes a lethal legacy from the 1982 war. To support the public event the FIDF deployed some of our equipment to Yorke Bay in preparation for the celebration taking place tomorrow.

Today the whole community gathered to witness the final destruction of the last land mines and the opening of the Yorke Bay beach to the public for the first time in 38 years. This is a historic day for the Falklands and the community recognised the difficult and dangerous work undertaken by the British Armed Forces and Safelane Global over many years.
The removal of the mines laid by Argentina during Falklands War means the UK has now met its obligations under the anti-personnel mine convention. The Falkland Islands was the only British territory containing land mines following todays event this is no longer the case.

22 SAS squadron commander and SAS legend Cedric Delves after the successful (D Squadron) SAS raid on Pebble Island's airfield destroying 11 Argentinian aircraft with M16/203's, explosive charges and L1A1 rockets
What units are stationed in the Falkland Islands?
British army has around 1200 in the islands with the RAF providing a 4 aircraft Typhoon flight and the RN a River class patrol vessel. Interestingly enough is the regular "sail through" of subs in the vicinity
British army has around 1200 in the islands with the RAF providing a 4 aircraft Typhoon flight and the RN a River class patrol vessel. Interestingly enough is the regular "sail through" of subs in the vicinity
Thanks for the quick response. I thought it will have an element of the Royal Marines stationed there. It's the 1,200 troops are infantry or tank? I bet is an isolated location to be stationed for a deployment. I'm assuming is 6 months of deployments.
There is an infantry capability but most are support and service support pax for the facilities at Mount Pleasant. No full-time Royal Marines positions beyond the cold weather warfare advisor. No tanks either - not really the best terrain for them as was seen in 1982.
St'b'd 40/60 Bofors, HMS Fearless, 1982 Falklands, the signal lamp was later damaged by 'incoming'
Falklands War. 25 May 1982. A pair of Argentine Air Force A-4 Skyhawk's make their attack run on HMS Coventry (D118). She was sunk, killing nineteen of her crew and injuring another thirty. Photo by Lieutenant Bell-Davis RN.

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Always loved this photo. Some amazing courage by the fighter pilots AND the boys on ship giving them hell . . .
San Carlos 25th May + Two ships one helicopter & a landing craft, having finally made land fall five days after the rest of 40 Cdo spent the first night in the sheep bale shed directly behind the jetty, the floor was made of concrete the sheep bales are rock hard at least it’s dry, next to the shed is a Nissan hut with earth as it’s base with a big green doors, apparently we’re moving in when the unit 2ic moves out, did a recce & found part boxes of 10 man rations in there so hid them behind some screening, hopefully for retrieval later, moved in the armourers kit consisting of Thomas bins tool boxes & tables we set up shop & stashed away the rations the two sgts set about building a protective trench, myself & Dan went of looking for a hole to dig there was already a trench on the hill to the side of us started digging by the track to avoid any line of fire from the GPMG trench, but didn’t get far with it, took a recce of the area to get the lay of the land & what was what. Pictures of the jetty where most kit personnel came ashore & a lot of it went back again, a couple of dodgy looking characters from the QM,s dept, Bomb Alley still being attacked, air reds at regular intervals.

Still on RFA Resource. Location Bomb Alley, warning order that we might be moving depending on availability of assets 40 CDO only allowed to take twenty pallets of stores as selected by the unit RQMS, from the kit that was flown over from the Canberra, priority is med kit, field cooking kit & armourers kit, everything else was to be left on the Resource (luckily for us all our kit came ashore) we ended up in a landing craft before first light having scrambled down a net down the side of the ship, the ships crane was still loading it had a green cylume on it, first time I’d seen one, bog standard these days, there was one of the landing crafts GPMGs on the side, looking a bit precariously balanced, to late the crane hook moved & knocked the gun over the side, another one for Davy Jones locker, & of we went for land, landed on Blue Beach two round the corner from the jetty. Photo’s taken from RFA RESOURCE & the Landing Craft at San Carlos.

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