British vehicles used in the Falklands cionflict


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May 12, 2009
British vehicles used in the Falklands conflict

dessol;A discussion has started on the HMVF site (historic military vehicle forum) regarding wheeled vehicle types present during the Falklands conflict.

I already know that CLR took 9 Bedford 4000 gallon podded fuel vehicles, 8 Eager Beavers, and 8 Can-Ams.

But it has been suggested that other Bedfords were present, as were air portable (lightweight) land-rovers, 101" landrovers etc.

Can anyone confirm if any other wheeled vehicles were taken to the Falklands with the task force, and actually used in the conflict. If so has anyone any indications as to which units operated which vehicle types, and in what sort of numbers?.

I had always believed that virtually no wheeled vehicles were taken, beacuse of the lack of roads, and the boggy conditions on the Island.

I know civilian tractors, trailers, and Land-Rovers belonging to the Islanders were used by British troops, but I thought the majority of movement of stores, 105mm guns etc was by helicopter airlift, and although some troops were moved forward by helicopter, the majority moved forward on foot, (the famous 75 mile yomp)

What is the truth of the situation?
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