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May 12, 2009

Hi Everyone.

I bought a while ago an Eager Beaver APFLT. Above is its record card.

It shows it was in the Falklands shortly after the war, but it is suggested that the entry on the card may have been made later than the actual arrival on the Islands.

Reading reports written by the Commander of the Commando Logistic Brogade, he says 9 Eager Beavers left England with the task force, but one was left at Ascension when stores were unloaded and reloaded onto different craft.

This means only 8 Eager Beavers arrived with the force and would have landed at Ajax Bay.

Does anyone know more about the Eager Beavers used in the conflict?

Has anyone got any photographs of them. Does anyone know Vehicle registration numbers.

Some photos have been published showing Fiat Allis loaders used with MEXEFLOTES but I suspect that this is in the period immediately following the conflict.

Does anyone know when the Fiat Allis loaders arrived, or whther any when present before the fall of Stanley and the following rapid build up of military strength immediately after the surrender.


Eager Beaver as bought.
I have been wondering if my Eager Beaver was actually taken to the Falklands with the task force or whether it went across later to support the Island Garrison.

Below are comments made by Colonel I.J. Hellberg, I found on the net. He commanded the Commando Logistic Regiment, Royal Marines.

"The Commando logistics Regiment Royal Marines is designed to support the Commando Brigade at light Scales in any environment. The Regiment is 80 RM cap-badged with the balance coming from specialist Navy and Army skills, It had been under established for the job it had to do and the Sqadron (HQ, Medical, Transport, Workshop and Ordnance) had to rely heavily on re-inforcements to bring it to war establishment. At the Start of the Falklands Crisis the Regiment numbered just 600 men. but for the Falklands operation it had been cut down to 346 Officers and men with 54 prime movers and 9 Motor cycles.

Prior to embarkation , the force was discouraged from taking ANY vehicles, as there were no roads on the Falkland Islands. It was The only exeption was the Volvo BV202 over snow vehicle that was reckoned to be able to cope with the F.I.'s soft peat.

Only after the strongest representaions , by CLR's Commander were the Regiment actually allowed to take 10 4,000 litre fuel podded 4 ton vehicles. and nine Eager Beavers and 9 Can-Ams.

The podded vehicles were 6 Civgas, 3 Dieso, and 1 AVCAT.

In the event one Civgas Podded 4 Tonner , One Eager Beaver, and one Can-Am were left in Ascension.

There was great concern that fuel would become a problem on the F.I.'s and that a serious price would be paid for the lack of Pods (and Jerry Cans *)

There was great concern that 8 Eager Beavers were insufficient.

9000 Tons of Stores, (30 days Combat Supplies and 60 days of Technical and General stores) and most of the Regiment including Regiment Headquarters, Transport, Workshops, and Ordnance Squadrons left Marchwood on 6th April onboard LSL Sir Lancelot. The medical Squadrons boarding the QE2.

At Ascension every thing came of the LSL Lancelot and was split between LSL's Sir Percival and Sir Galahad. Two LSL were used to lesson the impact of a ship being sunk.
I do not know whether the Eager Beavers were split between these two ships, but I guess they were, and as I said one of the 9 to leave England stayed on Ascension anyway.

The Initial andings took place on 21st May at St Carlos Waters . The fighting troops were all ashore in 4 1/2 Hours.

The CLR landed on the 22nd at Ajax bay. The Fuel started to be tranferred, all in Podded vehicles carried across on MEXEFLOTES.On the Island the fuel was pumped out by hand into Jerry Cans, before the Pods were floated back for more.
On 28th May 2 Para attacked Goose green and the demand for ammunition soared. At one time 105mm HE ran out and approx 4 Daily Ammunition Expenditure Rates were being used in a single 24 hour period.

June 1/2 saw HQ LFFI arrive with HMS Fearless together with 5 Infantry Brigade (2 scots guards, 1 Welsh Guards and 1/7 Gurkha rifles). Unfortunatley they brought little or no logistical support with them and the Commando Logistics Regiment were directed to become "Divisional troops" To Help CLR were given elements of 81 and 91 Ordnance Companies. Unfortunatley they came with no 4 Ton Podded vehicles, Eager beavers, Landing Craft or helicopters.

On 8th June both Sir Galahad and Sir Tristan, were attacked by Skyhawks and both were set on fire and had to be abandoned.

After the Argentinians surrendered , and the CLR left F.I. on Sir Percival on the 28th June. The logistic Support for the garrison passing to 81/91 Ordnance companies RAOC, 10 Field wksp REME, and one RCT troop.

The podded vehicles and the Eager Beavers were left behind by CLR who were sad to loose them. but they were all needed by 81/91 to fulfil their task.

In his post war analysis if the Commando Logistic Regiments experience of the war Colonel I.J. Hellberg says "The Eager Beavers performed magnificently but there were not enough! Suggest Eager Beavers be replaced simply with more Eager Beavers.""

It seems to me that Only 8 Eager Beavers went with the task Force, and that all 8 were left behind for Logistic Support to the Garrison. I think it reasonable to say that 02 FW 96 went out with the Task Force and landed with the main force. And was still on the Island for some time after peace broke out.

Several other souces say that only 28 vehicles went to the Falklands (excluding the BV202's and tracked armour.) I believe that 28 left the U.K. for the Islands but that three were left at Ascension, so actually only 25 vehicles took part in the campaign.I have been wondering if my Eager Beaver was actually taken to the Falklands with the task force or whether it went across later to support the Island Garrison.
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eager beavers

was with cdo log regt, will have a word with lads cdoord@googlemail.com email over copy of load sheet
the atlantic conveyor did have alot of log regt kit on that was sunk

I was just saying to kids when virgin atlantic first started branson as a pr stunt brought all the lads back from germany after exercise in a new plane, i with others were lest in germany with just an eager beaver, we had 3 of us driving up the autobahn on 1 beaver, fun
Thanks for getting back on this one, I thought no-one would ever reply.

Yes Eager Beaver on the Auitobahn sounds interesting.

Thanks Mike
Hi, I am a member on HMVF I see that you had posted a lot about the beaver, I have been trying to track you down, I have a arctic conversion beaver and I am looking for some pictures etc

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