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Rick Jolly on the right. Read the book "The Red and Green Life Machine" for a 1st hand look at casualty treatment. The unit operated out of a filthy old fridge plant and every man that made it to be treated by him made it to a hospital ship. Rick was awarded medals by both sides (the only one), The Argies awarded him for his treatment of their wounded. Rick passed away a couple of years ago in 2018
June 10th: At Many Branch Point overlooking Port Howard West Falkland, an SAS observation post held by Captain Gavin Hamilton and Corporal Roy Fonseka is discovered. Argentine troops attack & Hamilton is hit, but provides cover fire for Fonseka to escape. Hamilton is killed

Later, Fonseka is taken prisoner. Hamilton was a skilled officer & the Argentine local commander, Colonel Juan Ramon Mabragana later told the British he was "the most courageous man I have ever seen" and recommended him for a medal. The position where Hamilton fell is seen here.
In memory of the brave lads killed on Mount Longdon 39 years ago. In terms of losses, only Goose Green would match up to such severity.
June 13th: Prior to their attack on Tumbledown, the Scots Guards begin to hunt for their bagpipes so they can go in old fashioned style... sadly, they went down on the Atlantic Conveyor.
June 13th: The Battle for Tumbledown will rage all night through to dawn the next day. It will see dogged & determined fighting with bayonets & grenades at close quarters as the Scots Guards take on the 5th Marines as 2 Para drive off desperate counter attacks on Wireless Ridge.

June 13th: As dusk begins to come on, the British artillery pounds the Argentine positions like never before, with thousands of rounds. Gradually the men begin to move up; the Scots Guards to Tumbledown, 2 Para to Wireless Ridge & and the Gurkhas & Welsh Guards to Mount William.
June 17th: J Coy 42 Commando, most of whom had been the original defenders of the Falklands on April 2nd, pose for staged photos raising the flag above Government House. Little did they know that this was to be considered full & final settlement for their treatment post invasion.
June 20th: The Royal Marines who have captured Southern Thule are none other than "Mills Marauders" the original defenders of South Georgia who fought the epic defence on April 3rd. Here's them in -20 with 60mph winds and a wind chill factor of -52 on this day in 1982.
June 20th: The Royal Marines move in towards the base as HMS Yarmouth fires off several shells to let the Argentines know they mean business. Despite claiming yesterday that they would "blow the British out of the water" the garrison quickly surrenders without a shot fired.

June 20th: The South Sandwich Islands are British again. This now marks the third and final island group invaded by Argentina which have been recaptured after South Georgia and the Falklands respectively.

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