April 6th 1982: More and more Argentine troops are taking up garrison duty in the Falklands, with the 8th Infantry Regiment flown over from Comodoro Rivadavia, where they will soon be based in West Falkland. Orders are issued for the 5th Infantry Regiment to follow.
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Today in 1982, ARA General Belgrano takes on fuel from her support tanker Puerto Rosales, her crew are unaware that HMS CONQUEROR is sat right beneath them to avoid detection.

CONQUEROR has picked up the tanker before the warships, it was observed and deemed that a tanker out here this full of fuel could only be meeting warship to resupply them. Using the sprint and drift tactic, CONQUEROR is able to sneak in with the tanker and warships and then take up a safe position to sit listen and wait.

Puerto Rosales captain claimed he spotted a periscope but nothing is found. After refuelling the ships part company, the warships head east towards the TEZ and the the tanker west back to Argentina.

As the 3 warships proceed east, they have no idea they have a new friend sat right below them. That makes the below photo even more incredible.

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