Meeting "Maggie"in the Falklands


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Feb 12, 2012
I arrived in the Falklands in 1982 as the dust was settling so to speak.In January 1983 shortly before I left for the U.K. I stood and shook the hand of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.I remember she said to me how long the journey had taken,then looking at my uniform realising her comments exclaimed,"but you would know that allready".
This was one of the proudest days of my life.I remember a photograph being taken as I was talking to her by a serving intelligence Officer who after he had taken it told me he would give me a copy as he got a real good shot of the two of us.
I never saw this officer again or the picture he took,which was outside Government House just after she got out of the Red Taxi with Rex Hunt and came over to a line of us awaiting her arrival after hearing it announced a few minutes earlier on the Falklands Radio Station.
I wondered if anyone maybe able to point me in the right direction or assist in any way I maybe lucky enough to track down this photo.I have retold this story of this meeting many times and only wish I had this photo as a lasting picture of that special day.
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Hi Simmo, welcome to the site. As for your request, a letter to number 10 Downing Street will get you a reply, for they will keep an itinerary of all prime ministers visits and who the official photographers were.

Hope this helps.

Falkands picture

Dear John
Thank you for your kind asistance and reply to my message.I will endeavour to use your good advice and contact Number 10.Wether I am sucessfull or not I will keep you informed,
Thanking you for your kind and considerate attention

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