British Units in the Falklands


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Royal Armoured Corps

  • 2 x Troops of The Blues and Royals
Royal Artillery

  • 4 Field Regiment
  • 12 Air Defence Regiment
  • 29 Commando Regiment
  • Elements of 21 Air Defence Battery, 27 Field Regiment
  • Elements of 43 Air Defence Battery, 32 Guided Weapons Regiment
  • Elements of 49 Field Regiment
  • Elements of Royal School of Artillery Support Regiment
Royal Engineers

  • Elements of 33 Engineer Regiment
  • 36 Engineer Regiment
  • Elements of 38 Engineer Regiment
  • 11 Field Squadron (Harrier Support)
  • 49 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron
  • 50 Field Squadron
  • 59 Independent Commando Squadron
  • Elements of Military Works Force
  • Elements of 2 Postal and Courier Regiment
Royal Signals

  • 5 Infantry Brigade HQ and Signals Squadron
  • Elements of 30 Signal Regiment
  • Elements of 602 Signals Troop
  • Elements of 14 Signal Regiment

  • 1/7th Gurkha Rifles
  • 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment
  • 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards
  • Elements of 22nd Special Air Service Regiment
  • lst Battalion, Welsh Guards
Army Air Corps

  • 656 Squadron, Army Air Corps
    • Gazelle AH1
    • Scout AH1
Royal Corps of Transport

  • Elements of 29 Transport and Movements Regiment
  • Elements of 47 Air Despatch Squadron
  • Port Squadron, 17 Port Regiment
  • 407 Troop
  • Elements of The Joint Helicopter Support Unit
Royal Army Medical Corps

  • 2 Field Hospital
  • 16 Field Ambulance
  • Elements of 19 Field Ambulance
Royal Army Ordnance Corps

  • Elements of 9 Ordnance Battalion
  • 81 Ordnance Company
  • 91 Ordnance Company
  • Elements of 42 Explosive Ordnance Company
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

  • 10 Field Workshops
  • Elements of 70 Aircraft Workshops
Royal Military Police

  • Elements of 160 Provost Company
Intelligence Corps

  • 172 Intelligence and Security Section
Royal Army Pay Corps

  • 6 Field Cash Office
Forward Air Controllers

  • 601 Tactical Air Control Party
  • 602 Tactical Air Control Party
  • 603 Tactical Air Control Party

Lt Col H Jones OBE, CO 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment
Sgt I J McKay, 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment


Distinguished Service Order
Capt M E Barrow RN, co HMS Glamorgan
Capt J J Black MBE RN, co HMS Invincible
Capt W R Canning RN, co HMS Broadsword
Capt J F Coward RN, co HMS Brilliant
Capt P G V Dingemans RN, co HMS Intrepid
Commodore S C Dunlop CBE RFA, co RFA Fort Austin
Lt Cmdr B F Dutton QGM RN, co Fleet Clearance Diving Team 1
Capt E S J Larken RN, co HMS Fearless
Capt C H Layman MVO RN, co HMS Argonaut
Capt L E Middleton ADC RN, co HMS Hermes
Capt D Pentreath RN, co HMS Plymouth
Capt P J G Roberts RFA, co RFA Sir Galahad
Lt Cmdr I Stanley RN, Flt Cmdr, No.737 NAS, HMS Antrim
Lt Col N F Vaux RM, co 42 Cdo RM
Lt Col A F Whitehead RM, co 45 Cdo RM
Cmdr C L Wreford-Brown RN, co HMS Conqueror
Capt B G Young RN, co HMS Antrim

Distinguished Service Cross - Posthumous
Lt Cmdr G W J Batt RN, No.800 NAS, HMS Hermes
Capt I H North Merchant Navy, co Atlantic Conveyor
Lt Cmdr J M Sephton RN, HMS Ardent
Lt Cmdr J S Woodhead RN, HMS Sheffield

Distinguished Service Cross
Lt Cmdr A D Auld RN, co No.800 NAS, HMS Hermes
Lt A R C Bennett RN, No.846 NAS
Lt Cmdr M D Booth RN, co No.847 NAS
Cmdr P J Bootherstone RN, co HMS Arrow
Lt N A Bruen RN, co Fleet Clearance Diving Team 3
Lt Cmdr H S Clark RN, co No.825 NAS
Cmdr C J S Craig RN, co HMS Alacrity
Lt Cmdr J A Ellerbeck RN, Flt Cmdr, No.829 NAS, HMS Endurance
Fleet CPO (Diver) M G Fellows BEM, Fleet Clearance Diving Team 1
Capt G R Green RFA, co RFA Sir Tristram
Lt R Hutchings RM, No.846 NAS
Capt D E Lawrence RFA, co RFA Sir Geraint
Lt Cmdr H J Lomas RN, No.845 NAS
Lt K P Mills RM, RM Detachment, HMS Endurance
Sub Lt P T Morgan RN, HMS Argonaut
Cmdr A Morton RN, co HMS Yarmouth
Lt N J North RN, No.846 NAS
Capt A F Pitt RFA, co RFA Sir Percivale
Lt Cmdr N W Thomas RN, Nos.899/800 NAS, HMS Hermes
Lt S R Thomas RN, No.801 NAS, HMS Invincible
Lt Cdr S C Thornewill RN, co No.846 NAS
Cmdr N J Tobin RN, co HMS Antelope
Cmdr N D Ward AFC RN, co No.801 NAS, HMS Invincible
Cmdr A W J West RN, co HMS Ardent

Military Cross
Capt P M Babbington RM, 42 Cdo RM
Maj C P Cameron RM, co 3 CBAS
Lt C I Dytor RM, 45 Cdo RM
Lt C Fox RM, 45 Cdo RM
Lt D J Stewart RM, 45 Cdo RM

Distinguished Flying Cross - Posthumous
Lt R J Nunn RM, 3 CBAS
Distinguished Flying Cross
Capt J P Niblett RM, 3 CBAS

Air Force Cross
Lt Cdr D J S Squier RN, co No.826 NAS, HMS Hermes
Lt Cdr R J S Wykes-Sneyd RN, co No.820 NAS, HMS Invincible
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Cpl J Burdett RM, 45 Cdo RM

George Medal - Posthumous
Second Eng Offr P A Henry RFA, RFA Sir Galahad

George Medal
AB (Radar) J E Dillon, HMS Ardent

Distinguished Service Medal - Posthumous
PO MEM(M) D R Briggs, HMS Sheffield
Cpl Aircrewman M D Love RM, No.846 NAS

Distinguished Service Medal
Colour Sgt M J Francis RM, coxswain LCU F1, HMS Fearless
Ldg Aircrewman P B Imrie, No.846 NAS
Sgt P J Leach RM, RM Detachment, HMS Endurance
PO J S Leake, HMS Ardent
Sgt W J Leslie RM, HMS Broadsword
PO (Sonar) G J R Libby, HMS Conqueror
Chief MEM(M) M D Townsend, HMS Argonaut
CPO (Diver) G M Trotter, Fleet Clearance Diving Team 3
CPO Aircrewman M J Tupper, No.846 NAS
LS (Radar) J D Warren, HMS Antelope

Military Medal
Acting Cpl A R Bishop RM, 45 Cdo RM
Sgt T Collings RM, SBS?
Sgt M Collins RM, 42 Cdo RM
Cpl M Eccles RM, 42 Cdo RM
Cpl D Hunt RM, 45 Cdo RM
Mne G W Marshall RM, 45 Cdo RM
Cpl S C Newland RM, 42 Cdo RM
Cpl H Siddall RM, 45 Cdo RM
Cpl C N H Ward RM, 42 Cdo RM
Sgt J D Wassell RM, M & AW Cadre RM

Distinguished Flying Medal
Sgt W C O'Brien RM, 3 CBAS
Queen's Gallantry Medal - Posthumous
Colour Sgt B Johnston RM, coxswain LCU F4, HMS Fearless

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Chief Eng Offr C K A Adams RFA, RFA Sir Galahad
Lt J K Boughton RN, No.825 NAS
MEA(M)1 K Enticknapp, HMS Ardent
Third Offr A Gudgeon RFA, RFA Sir Galahad
PO Medical Asst G A Meager, HMS Sheffield
Lt P J Sheldon RN, No.825 NAS
Third Eng B R Williams Merchant Navy, Atlantic Conveyor


Distinguished Service Order
Maj C N G Delves, Devonshire and Dorsets, co D Sqdn 22 SAS Regt
Maj C P B Keeble, 2 Para
Lt Col H W R Pike MBE, co 3 Para
Lt Col M I E Scott, co 2 Scots Guards

Distinguished Service Cross
WO2 J H Phillips, 49 EOD Sqdn RE

Military Cross - Posthumous
Capt G J Hamilton, Green Howards, D Sqdn 22 SAS Regt

Military Cross
Maj M H Argue, 3 Para
Capt T W Burls, Parachute Regt, D Sqdn 22 SAS Regt
Maj D A Collett, 3 Para
Lt C S Conner, 2 Para
Maj J H Crosland, 2 Para
Maj C D Farrar-Hockley, 2 Para
Maj J P Kiszely, 2 Scots Guards
Lt R A D Lawrence, 2 Scots Guards
Capt W A McCracken, 29 Cdo Regt RA
Capt A J G Wight, Welsh Guards, SAS?

Distinguished Flying Cross
Capt S M Drennan AAC, 656 Sqdn AAC
Capt J G Greenhalgh RCT, 656 Sqdn AAC

Distinguished Conduct Medal - Posthumous
Pte S Illingsworth, 2 Para
Gdsmn J B C Reynolds, 2 Scots Guards

Distinguished Conduct Medal
Cpl D Abols, 2 Para
Staff Sgt B Faulkner, 3 Para
Sgt J C Meredith, 2 Para
WO2 W Nicol, 2 Scots Guards
Sgt J S Pettinger, 3 Para

Conspicious Gallantry Medal - Posthumous
Staff Sgt J Prescott, 49 EOD Sqdn RE

Military Medal - Posthumous
Pte R J de M Absolon, 3 Para
L/Cpl G D Bingley, 2 Para

Military Medal
Cpl I P Bailey, 3 Para
L/Cpl S A Bardsley, 2 Para
Sgt T I Barrett, 2 Para
L/Cpl M W L Bentley, 2 Para
Sgt D S Boultby, 17 Port Regt RCT
Cpl T Brookes Royal Signals, SAS?
Cpl T J Camp, 2 Para
Pte G S Carter, 2 Para
Gdsmn S M Chapman, 1 Welsh Guards
Cpl J A Foran, 9 Para Sqdn RE
Sgt D Fuller, 3 Para
Pte B J Grayling, 2 Para
Cpl T W Harley, 2 Para
Bdr E M Holt, 29 Cdo Regt RA
Sgt R W Jackson, 2 Scots Guards
L/Cpl D J Loveridge, 1 Welsh Guards
Sgt J G Mather, SAS
Sgt P H R Naya, 16 Field Ambulance RAMC
WO2 B T Neck, 1 Welsh Guards
Gdsmn A S Pengelly, 2 Scots Guards
L/Cpl L J L Standish, 2 Para
Sgt R H Wrega, 9 Para Sqdn RE


Distinguished Service Cross
Flt Lt D H S Morgan RAF, Nos.899/800 NAS, HMS Hermes

Distinguished Flying Cross
Wing Cdr P T Squire AFC RAF, co 1(F) Sqdn RAF
Sqdn Ldr R U Langworthy AFC RAF, 18 Sqdn RAF
Sqdn Ldr C N McDougall RAF, Vulcan aircrew
Sqdn Ldr J J Pook RAF, 1(F)Sqdn RAF
Flt Lt W F M Withers RAF, Vulcan aircrew

Air Force Cross
Wing Cdr D Emmerson RAF, Nimrod aircrew
Sqdn Ldr R Tuxford RAF, Victor aircrew
Flt Lt H C Burgoyne RAF, 47 Sqdn RAF
Sqdn Ldr A M Roberts RAF, 47 Sqdn RAF

Queen's Gallantry Medal
Flt Lt A J Swan RAF, co No.1 EOD Unit RAF
Flt Sgt B W Jopling, 18 Sqdn RAF

British Gallantry Awards: A sharp Airborne salute to them all. And to those awarded posthumously, may God hold them all in the palm of His hand. med;

The oldest medal in the American military is the Purple Heart. It has a cameo of George Washington on it, and dates back to the American Revolution. It is awarded to those that are wounded/killed by hostile fire in combat. An oak leaf cluster is attached to it for each consecutive award. I knew guys with 3-4 Purple Hearts. Does the British military have a medal comparable to this?
The British Forces does not have a version of the US Purple Heart.
You would think that with British troops in action all around the world for the past countless years that by now we would have.

The US Purple Heart is now set in history and I cannot, in my life-time, see the British Government issuing a new gallantry award.

sal; to all holders of the Purple Heart
I think the closest thing the British Military give you if your injured are your discharge papers......sadly!
Bombardier said:
I think the closest thing the British Military give you if your injured are your discharge papers......sadly!

And maybe a bill from the QM stores for any damaged kit!
It has happened mate ??
Matzos said:
And maybe a bill from the QM stores for any damaged kit!

I got this story 2nd hand so I can't verify the truthfulness of it, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true.

A guy told me that shortly after a family received the body of their son, that was KIA in VN to bury, they received a bill from the Army for 1ea., black in color, M16 rifle. It seems it was never accounted for after his death. Like I said, wouldn't surprise me.
Major RAF Units in action in the Falklands War

Flying Units

1(F) Sqn Harrier GR3
10 Sqn VC 10 Mk1
18 Sqn Chinook HC Mk1
24 Sqn C-130 Hercules C Mk1
30 Sqn C-130 Hercules C Mk1
47 Sqn C-130 Hercules C Mk1
70 Sqn C-130 Hercules C Mk1
29 Sqn Phantom FGR2
42 Sqn Nimrod Mk1
44 Sqn Vulcan B2
50 Sqn Vulcan B2
101 Sqn Vulcan B2
55 Sqn Victor K2
57 Sqn Victor K2
120 Sqn Nimrod Mk2
201 Sqn Nimrod Mk2
206 Sqn Nimrod Mk2
202 Sqn Search and Rescue Sea King

RAF Regiment Squadrons

3 Sqn Regt Wing Headquarters Unit
15 Sqn Regt Squadron Detachment Field Squadron
63 Sqn Regt Rapier Missile Squadron

Other Units

TCW Tactical Communications Wing
TSW Tactical Supply Wing
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team

51 Sqn Nimrod was not listed by the MoD as serving in the war, however the squadron was later given battle honors for the campaign.

Also, this is not a complete list as personnel were taken from their main Units and detached to small Units within the campaign.
Return to the Falklands?

What are the chances of them having to do this all over again - and if so, where are we going to get the necessary forces from?
I was just reading in yesterday's Sunday paper that there's a bit of sabre-rattling going on by the Argentinians, whose air force is apparently twice the size it was during the Falklands War. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is throwing in his tuppence worth as well, saying that the 'Malvinas' should be returned to Argentina.
Perhaps they think that the UK is stretched to the limit with our other military commitments and this is a good opportunity to see how far they can push it?
Hmm I hope this is not the case, the last war was a sad loss of life on both sides.
Still "What will be will be" I suppose, if they do then we will have to deal with it wont we mil-smile02
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Interesting that its taken less than 25 years for them to forget, if it is the case they are thinking of having another go.

Certainly we are overstretched as it is, all arms being smaller than they were in '82, & with what are even greater commitments at the moment than back then...

....but when has that ever stopped us from doing what needed to be done?

Fingers crossed it doesnt come to that, not only for the obvious reasons, but because I think the thing that would probably be most lacking at the moment would be the political will, even moreso than the means..
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IronFootedBstrd said:
Certainly we are overstretched as it is, all arms being smaller than they were in '82, & with what are even greater commitments at the moment than back then...

....but when has that ever stopped us from doing what needed to be done?

I cannot speak for the RAF, but it is my view that, it would be an enormous problem for the Airforce to again mount such a distance campaign. With aircraft types being removed from serivice and the remaining ones deployed around the world on other tasks, personnel numbers cut by forced redundancies, the Royal Navy losing it’s Sea Harrier. If there was a time for it to boil over, this could be it.
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A nice article with history of the Falklands and Alexander Haig's role with shuffling between both countries to attempt to stop the war from taking place. I saw a live interview with Haig just before hostilities began and I have to say he was so nervous his hands were shaking. He was asked what was going to happen and he just said the Argentinians had been warned what the outcome would be. Lots of politics in play but of a more important note the leader of Argentina at the time was having a lot of problems at home do to the death squads rounding up innocent people and killing them by the hundreds. It was said in the papers that the Island takeover was an attempt to get the populous off of his involvement in the killings. Now everyone can make their own minds today but really the island at the closest point to Argentina by air is 935 miles. The British possessed the Falklands since before the mid 1800s but at one time Argentina did own the Falklands purchasing it from I believe Spain. I have to lean with the thoughts that it was indeed a rouse by the Argentinian leader attempting to stop the people from ousting him. After losing the cruiser that had 700 plus drown there were some pretty pissed off people at home. The only remaining sub was recalled to port knowing it would most likely be sunk before long. Lots of things in play in that war and on nightly TV just as the 1st Iraq war.


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