Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

The Boscombe Down F4. 1983.
Thanks to @Skyline Drive

Carrier Air Group (CVG) 9 was established #OTD in 1952. It was later redesignated Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 9 and Team Shogun remains operational today. In this image CVW-9 aircraft are pictured on board USS Constellation (CVA 64) off North Vietnam in May 1972.

F4 and Lightning receivers plugged into a Victor Tanker. Wing hoses transferred 1500lbs fuel per minute. On a good day, the F4 could stay airborne 2h 20m in this configuration, and the Lightning about 1h.
U.S. Air Force McDonnell RF-4C-22-MC Phantom II (s/n 64-1054) in a protective revetment in South Vietnam. The first RF-4Cs deployed to Southeast Asia with the 16th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron in the fall of 1965.
HMS Ark Royal’s 1976 cruise to the US East Coast.

RN Phantom FG.1s (the inlet doors on the aft fuselage, afterburners without visible petals as well as the tail tip RWR antenna confirm this, as does the EDSG over white paint scheme) aboard Ark Royal (you can see the dark patch under the COLONIAL titling where ROYAL was painted out). They were "zapped" when they debarked to NAS Oceana while Ark Royal was tied up at Norfolk for a couple of days.

The one nearest the camera is XV590, coded 001/R at the time.
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