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Tech Data Mcdonnell F-4 Phantom Ii

Discussion in 'Military Tech Data' started by Firefox, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Firefox United Kingdom

    Firefox Foxtrot Oscar MI.Net Member Mi.Net Supporter

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    RF-4C Phantom II reconnaissance aircraft

    F-4E Phantom II

    Crew - 2
    Propulsion - 2 Turbojet Engines
    Engine Model - General Electric J79-GE-17
    Speed - 2389 km/h (1290 kts)(1485 mph)
    Service Ceiling - 18.288 m (60.000 ft)
    Range - 1.300 km (702 Nautical Miles)
    Empty Weight - 13.770 kg (30.358 lbs)
    Max. Takeoff Weight - 27.965 kg (61.652 lbs)
    Wing Span - 11,68 m (38,3 ft)
    Wing Area - 49,2 m² (530 ft²)
    Length - 19,20 m (63,0 ft)
    Height - 5,03 m (16,5 ft)
    First Flight 27/08/1958
    Production Status - not in production
    Production - 1958-1979
    Total Production - 5197
    Variants - F-4A, F-4B, F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, F-4EJ, F-4F, F-4G Wild Weasel V, F-4J, F-4K, F-4M, F-4N, F-4S, RF-4B, RF-4C, RF-4E

    USAF F-4G Wild Weasel Phantom
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  2. BrassMonkey United Kingdom

    BrassMonkey Mi Corporal MI.Net Member

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    The phantom is of the greatest birds I have ever seen
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  3. Bombardier

    Bombardier Admin & Arbiter Staff Member Site Admin

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    Great Data Sheet mate :D

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