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Norway Air Force RF-104G (626, 683C-4026) of 331 Skvadron at Greenham Common for International Air Tatoo (24 June 1977)
Norway RF-104G (626, 683C-4026) of 331 Skvadron at Greenham Common for IAT (24 June 1977).jpg
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter an American single-engine, supersonic fighter aircraft.

First flight of the F-104 was March 4th 1954, introduction to service was February 20th 1958, a very respectable 2,578 were built and despite being retired from US service in 1975 went on to serve with the Italian Air Force all the way until October 31st 2004.

It's an undeserved reputation !!!! Due to the fact that German starfighters were used in bad conditions.
Using a high-speed, high-altitude fighter/interceptor for mainly a low-level fighter-bomber is fraught with problems. Add a highly technical aircraft type to a newly reformed air force, operating in the poor weather conditions and with West German pilots having around 400 hours experience before flying the F-104 (USAF pilots had at least 1,500 flight hours of experience prior to flying the F-104) lead to 116 dead pilots
The German Navy had a Starfighter demo team called Vikings. Would love to see a renewed version of that.

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Takes a special kind of stupid to use an interceptor with the shortest wingspan ever to fly aerobatics with.