Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

An F-5E Tiger II and F-4E Phantom II at Clark AFB
McDonnell Douglas F-4E-65-MC (AUP) "Phantom" II from the 338 Mira Dioxis Vomvardamou of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF).

After going through the “Peace Icarus 2000” program (providing structural reinforcement of the aircraft and quality improvement of their electronics), it has updated to F-4E AUP (Avionics Upgrade Program), what also dramatically improved the mission effectiveness of the F-4E.
A formation of U.S. Navy McDonnell F-4 Phantom II fighters from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron VX-4 and the Naval Missile Center China Lake, California (USA), in flight. Visible are: QF-4B, BuNo 148365, which was written off at China Lake on 31 January 1974; F-4B, BuNo 150435; F-4J, BuNo 153783, wich was sold to the RAF as ZE351 on 30 August 1984; and F-4J, BuNo 153795, wich was sold to the RAF as ZE354 on 30 August 1984.
RAAF Phantom, placeholders until F-111 arrived