Photos Operation Phantom Fury: Fallujah 2004

A US Army sniper peers through his sight at potential enemy targets moving along the rooftop of a nearby building during a search mission in Al Fallujah, Iraq, on 10 March 2004
A Marine drops a grenade down a stairwell to clear the lower floor of insurgents. Fallujah 2004
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One of my instructors at Gunsite, LTC Freddie Blish, was a battalion commander over there during this operation. A lot of what he teaches at basic carbine and advanced carbine classes reflects on the lessons learned from what happened in Fallujah alone.

Eyes on the dropped threat and following down with your rifle and making sure they're not a threat further still, and if doing a speed reload eyes always on the threat while doing so.

One of his Marines took out an insurgent or thought he had and didn't follow the person down with his A4, then did a tac reload eyes off target and was shot back by what he thought was a now dead Haj and was instantly paralyzed by where it struck. Thankfully his squad was nearby to save the day but man....
Capt. Doug Zembiec, the commanding officer of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, gives orders to his men over a radio prior to a patrol in Fallujah, Iraq. April 8, 2004

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