Photos Operation Phantom Fury: Fallujah 2004


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Feb 2, 2018
Since this is our new home, I figured I'd move the contents of this thread from AARB to here. Here goes, this could be messy......









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Thought this was interesting from this site:

Rarely encountered yet relished when they were confiscated were unlicensed Iranian copies of the MP5 submachine gun. These firearms were found on several dead insurgents not possessing identification so it remains unclear if they were operatives from Iran or simply utilizing weaponry left over from the Iran-Iraq war. As most firepower recovered from the enemy was placed in massive piles and destroyed, troops often times adopted them for personal use utilizing issued 9x19mm cartridges from their Berretta M9 (Model 92) to fill the magazines. The compact size of the retractable stock version MP5 encountered enabled troops to conduct close quarters battle with a combat proven weapons system without telegraphing the longer barrel of the M16A4 rifles they were issued past doorways and also gave them a fully automatic capability as opposed to the standard 3-round burst. Also recovered were several unlicensed Iranian copies of the G3 rifle. The markings were unique and very rarely encountered but were most certainly those of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These rifles were often times recovered from dead Chechen foreign fighters who were also equipped with modern tactical vest, body armor and optics. They were often times hopped up on pain killers and had pre-applied tourniquets on their limbs.

Chechens could be easily distinguished by their lighter skin tone, lighter hair color, advanced equipment, Chechen literature and terrorist manuals they carried and by the amount of casualties they inflicted on U.S. forces in the ensuing battle to kill them. Overly accurate Chechen snipers utilizing Iranian G3 clones over the Draganov sniper system seemed to be commonplace on the battlefield of Fallujah.
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WARNING. VERY GRAPHIC. Interesting video, sad at the end.

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There are a bunch of theses videos (16 parts) made by the same guy. I haven't seen them all and they aren't all necessarily action packed, but interesting nonetheless.

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