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M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tanks belonging to the 4th Armored Division.


In the fourth quarter of 2019, the license assembly of Russian tanks T-90S / SK will begin in Egypt (SK is a command variant). Then Uralwagonzawod corporation is to deliver the first sets of components. In 2019-2026, 400 Russian tanks will be assembled in Egypt.
The contract concluded by Egypt with Russia provides for the assembly of 50 tanks T-90S / SK per year. The first 200 are to be assembled from subassemblies delivered from Russia. 200 more will be partially produced in Egypt. The local companies will include weld the elements of the hull and tower.

In mid-2017, Egypt revealed that it intends to buy 1,000 tanks T-90S. At the same time, it was informed about the closure of the T-72 tank modernization line. Earlier, 200 T-90S bought Algeria, 73 Iraq, and 146 kuwejt.

Currently, in Egypt, in plants No. 200 in Helwan, the assembly of American tanks M1A1 Abrams is in progress. Deliveries of assembly kits are financed by the US as part of military assistance. Since 1992 General Dynamics has delivered 1105 such sets. Egypt's plans envisage the acquisition of 1300-1500 tanks M1A1 Abrams.
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That is a slick looking plane, nice lines.....love those Rafale fighters!! :)
Italy-Egypt to sign mega defence deal soon
The Italian government is preparing to approve the sale of 6 frigates, twenty naval patrol boats, 24 Eurofighter fighter bombers and 24 M346 trainer planes to Egypt. A “deal of the century” that for Italy does not only have a commercial and industrial value. Among a thousand difficulties, Italy wants to maintain a solid relationship with Egypt .

According to the Italian newspaper La Republica, the Italian government is set up to soon approve the MEGA defense deal with Egypt that includes:
-6 Frigates including 2x confirmed FREMM Bergamini
-24 M-346 trainer jets
-24 Eurofighter Typhoon jets
-20 Falaj II OPV
-1 Military Satellite



Exercise Hasm 2020

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January 2020, amphibious landing exercise in the Mediterranean. Mk3 Ambassador (Ezzat class in Egypt) missile boat crossing the Suez canal
S44 for the Egyptian Navy rolled out today at TKMS shipyard. Class 209/1400mod, 1450/1600t, 30 crew, 62m long, 8 tubes for Seehecht mod 4 torpedos and UGM-84L Harpoon AShM. Launch is expected in the next few days
Soldiers from the 103rd Thunderbolt Regiment in Sinai,

Navy Special Forces With Beretta ARX-160 Assault Rifles in Arish city, Sinai.
On September 29, 2020, the fourth 209/1400mod class submarine for the Navy of Arab Republic of Egypt was named and launched at the shipyard of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems in Kiel

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