Yom Kippur War October 1973, Egyptian Maps (English Gen. Shazli % Arabic Gen. Comman)


Yahia Al Shaer

Yom Kippur War October 1973, Egyptian Maps
(English & Arabic)

It is a war, that resulted in peace ... and as well coexcistance between​
two countries, that have had other wars , with other outcomes.​

One of the most spectacular eras , was the successful israeli operation of General Ariel Sharon`s (his bool Ariel Sharon WORRIOR" is a masterpiece
of details​

1 - Crossing to the western bank of the Suez Canal​

2 - Encirclement of the Egyptian 3rd army​

3 - Cutting off the supply lines to the encircled Egyptian 3rd army in Sinai​

4 - Invading and occupying the outer skirts of Suez ciy​

5 - Northern advance twards city of Ismailia ... targeting further north to Port Said , but was not successful​

6- Threatning Cairo (within range of artillary and field missiles)​

7 - The famous Kilometer-101 negotiations​

8 - Consequentlly .... Campr David negotiations and Peace Accord​

In fact, the winner at the end was Israel ... despite all other Egyptian propaganda ... This is reality and no one can deny it.

Why and how did this happen ???​

The answers are in evaluating a lot of factors​

1 - Military Commanding factors and styles (Israel`s is more flexible and consequentlly more efficient"​

2 - The interference of the Egyptian politial leaders in the military field operations ...​

a - Issuing field orders
b - Applying own response countering plans
c - Dramatic changing of original set "War objectives" and goals by
stopping at 10 KM from the waterway and NOT to stop at the Sinai Passes
d - Interferrring in the daily field orders
e - Paralizing the flexilbility of the High commanders and consequentlly the operative commanders to the level of battalions​

3 - Desense between "some" Staff leaders , namely general Shazly "Chief of staff" and general Ismail the General Commander of the egyptian forces​

4 - Desence between general Shazly "Chief of staff" and president Sadat, which let to remoing Shazli from his post during the first week of the war and consequenrtlly a shake in the span of control​

5 - Many other factors, to be published later on​

In fact, it was similar to WWII between "Hitler" and his Generals

A piculiar coincedence, Sadat was fond of Hitler and had even changed the military uniform of the commanders to that of the Nazi Army ...

When he was killen on October 6th 1981 ... he was wearing the Nazi Uniform .... as well as president Mubarak and the rest of the high command

Dr: Yahia Al Shaer

Maps from General Shazli
english Website "The Crossing"




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يحى الشاعر

Dr: Yahia Al Shaer
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