Photos Armed Forces of Guatemala

Gua FEP.jpg
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Gua Brigada Especial de Operaciones de Selva.jpg
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Guatemala Batallon de Selva1.jpg
Guatemala BH656.jpg
Guatemala gc1051.jpg
Guatemala RM training.jpg

A soldier in one of the areas where a marijuana plantation was located in the area of Tajumulco and Ixchiguán, San Marcos, where there is a state of siege. (Free Press Photo: Guatemalan Army)

Soldiers and agents of the PNC remain in Nahualá and Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán, Sololá, after new confrontations between residents. (Free Press Photo: Guatemalan Army)
Army, PNC, PMT and PM at the inauguration of the Villa Nueva Safe Stop plan, to prevent crime. (Free Press Photo: Municipality of Villa Nueva)

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