Warfare Egyptian Aircraft , defending Egypt during the Suez War 1956 "never participated in Port Said defence

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Sep 14, 2020

Egyptian Aircraft , defending Egypt during the Suez War 1956
"never participated in Port Said defence

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
Ilyushin Il-28
DH Vampire FB. 52
Gloster Meteor F.8
Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF.13
HP Halifax
Lancaster B.1
Ilyushin Il-14
C-47 Dakota
C-46 Commando

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
Powerplant: 5,005lb static thrust RD-45F
Speed (Kmph): 1,050 at sea level; 1,031 at 5,000m
Range (Km): 1,175 at 10,000m
Service Ceiling (m):
Wingspan (m): 10.08
Length (m): 10.04
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)4,963 (without external drop tanks)
Guns: One 37mm N-37 and two 23-mm NS-23 cannons (40 37mm rounds, 80 23-mm rounds per gun)
Crew: 1
Notes: Details for MiG-15(SV). First operational Soviet fighter to see combat, in Korea.

Ilyushin Il-28
Powerplant: Two 5,952lb dry thrust Klimov VK-i turbojets
Speed (Kmph): 902 at 4,500m
Range (Km): 2,180
Service Ceiling (m): 12,300
Wingspan (m): 21.45
Length (m): 17.65
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)46,738
Guns: Two 23-mm NR-23 cannon in nose, and two 23-mm NR-23 trainable cannon in a tail turret
Bombs etc: 6,614lb
Crew: 3
Notes: Tactial day-bomber

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F
Powerplant: One 7,452lb afterburning thrust Klimov VK-1F turbojet
Speed (Kmph): 1,144 at 3,000 metres
Range (Km): 1,980km with internal and external fuel
Service Ceiling (m): 16,600
Wingspan (m): 9.63
Length (m): 11.26
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)6,075
Weapons: One 37-mm N-37D cannon with 40 rounds and two 23-mm NR-23 cannon with 80 rounds per gun. Four (later six) udnerwing hardpoints for bombs and/or rocket laucnehrs and later two AA-2 Atooll Air-to-Air Missiles.
Crew: 1
Notes: NATO designation 'Fresco'

DH Vampire FB. 52
Powerplant: 1 de Havilland Goblin 2 turbojet
Speed (Kmph): 861kmh at 5,791m
Range (Km): 1,883 with maximum fuel
Service Ceiling (m): 12,192
Wingspan (m): 11.58
Length (m): 9.37
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)5,620
Weapons: Four 20mm cannon and 2,000lb of ordnance
Crew: 1
Notes: Export version of the FB. MK 5

Gloster Meteor F.8
Powerplant: Two Derwent 8 3,500lb thrust turbojets
Speed (Kmph): 668 at 3050
Range (Km): 12 hours endurance with ventral and wing fuel tanks
Service Ceiling (m): 12,190
Wingspan (m): 13.11
Length (m): 12.57
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)7121kg
Weapons: Four 20mm nose cannons, no ordnance carrying ability
Crew: 1
Notes: The last Metoer fighter variant, outclassed by the MiG-15

Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF.13
Powerplant: Two Derwent 8 3500lb turbojets
Speed (Kmph): ?
Range (Km): Less than F.8
Service Ceiling (m): Less than F.8
Wingspan (m): Greater than F.8
Length (m): 12.57
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)9088kg
Weapons: Four 20mm nose cannons
Crew: 2
Notes: A Tropicalized Night Fighter

Handley Page Halifax
Powerplant: Four 1615hp Bristol Hercules XVI radial piston engines
Speed (Kmph): 454 at 4115m; Long range Crusie 346kmh at 6100m
Range (Km): 1658 km with maximum bomb load
Service Ceiling (m): 7315
Wingspan (m): 31.75
Length (m): 21.36
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)29,484
Weapons: One .303in machine gun on flexible nose mount, four in dorsal and tail turrets. 13000lb bombload
Crew: 7
Notes: Veteran British World War 2 bomber

Avro Lancaster B.1
Powerplant: Four 1640hp Rolls-Royce Merlin XXIV inline piston engines
Speed (Kmph): 462 at 3505m; cruise 338kmh at 6100m
Range (Km): 4,072km with 7000lb bombload
Service Ceiling (m): 7,470m
Wingspan (m): 31.09
Length (m): 21.18
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)31,751
Weapons: Eight .303in machine guns (2 in each of nose and dorsal turrets, four in tail turret). One 22000lb 'Grand Slam' bomb; or 14000lb of small bombs
Crew: 7
Notes: The legendary British heavy bomber from World War Two.

Ilyushin Il-14
Speed (Kmph):
Range (Km):
Service Ceiling (m):
Wingspan (m):
Length (m):
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)

C-47 Dakota
Powerplant: Two 1,200hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92
Speed (Kmph): 368 at 2290m; Cruise 296km/h
Range (Km): 2,400
Service Ceiling (m): 7,076
Wingspan (m): 28.9
Length (m): 19.63
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)11,805
Crew: 3
Notes: 10000lb payload or 28 troops or 18 litters

C-46 Commando
Powerplant: 2 2000hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-51
Speed (Kmph): 433 at 4572m; Cruise 294km/h
Range (Km): 1,930
Service Ceiling (m): 8,412
Wingspan (m): 32.94
Length (m): 23.26
Maximum Take Off Weight (kg)25,402
Crew: 4
Notes: 10000lb payload or 50 troops or 33 litters and 4 medics


Dr. Yahia Al Shaer

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