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The Falklands War

user submitted photos of the Falklands War


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  1. Bombardier
  2. Bombardier
    Here it is in colour [img]
  3. Bombardier
    You might get lucky buddy ;)
  4. Bombardier
    When I served in the British Army my personal weapon was the 7.62mm SLR L1A1, I loved it and then they produced the Sa80 and I was not at all happy with it. Like you I preferred the longer rifle.
  5. NebrHogger
    Back then it was no big deal to get one of these home.
  6. NebrHogger
    For you collectors, the ne plus ultra of M91 long rifles are those made by Beretta. I cruise auctions on a daily basis in search of collectibles and have never seen or heard of one in America.
  7. NebrHogger
    Forgot to add - the '67' on the stock is a rack number... possibly police. After the war, police departments were issued M91TS with worn out barrels. These were used as tear gas grenade launchers....
  8. NebrHogger
    Being left handed, I don't believe I'd care to shoot it. I'm not much for short rifles like this anyway - I like a long sight radius.
  9. NebrHogger
    Bf-109 in Hungarian service
  10. Bombardier
  11. Bombardier
    M8 Thunderbolt Specifications • Crew: 3 • Height: 2.54 meter • Length: 5.33 meter (hull) • Main Gun Caliber: 120 millimeter smoothbore fires HEAT and FIN • Width: 2.69 meter • Max...
  12. Bombardier
  13. Bombardier
    Just to be clear the Conger was the device fitted into the Universal carrier. Here is a photo of an experimental set up showing the conger installed into a Canadian Ram [IMG]
  14. Bombardier
    This is an experimental Ram tank installed with the Conger Mine clearance device here is another pic, you can see the conger launch tube and storage for the hose that was then filled with Nitro...
  15. Bombardier
    This was another attempt to find a way of circumventing the mine menace. Developed in early 1944 to create a narrow lane through the mine fields, this device consisted of a gutted Universal...

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