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Military Money

Photos of Military Banknotes and coins

31 Oct 2005
31 Oct 2005


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  1. Bombardier
    Semovente M42 or Sturmgesch├╝tz 43 (German name) Crew: 3 men Length: 5,07m (hull) / 6,04m (with gun) Width: 2,40m Height: 1,75m Weight: 15,7t Engine: SPA 15TB M-15 diesel with 192PS Speed: 38km/h...
  2. Niallmhor
    When was that taken, all those gun garages have all gone now .
  3. active1
    Hello B and thank you for allowing us to make use of your photo. I had put two and two together and assumed you were wife and husband! Great that you should both share a common interest in...
  4. 28TH61ST+ONE
    Be my guest. So glad to share and remember. Regards B P.S 28th61st is my other half. :)
  5. Bombardier
    Nice work @Kadir93 as you will have seen we have many photos uploaded to our servers without titles. Its good that you take the time to name them. so we can improve the information and tags :)
  6. Kadir93
    German M48A2G.
  7. Kadir93
    Challenger 2 tank.
  8. Kadir93
    Philippines Marines M35 truck.
  9. Kadir93
    Soviet BM-21 Grad.
  10. BravoZulu
    Messerschmitt Bf110 G-2 over Poland, 1939
  11. BravoZulu
    "Sky Lady" http://www.nose-art.net/O'Sullivan.htm
  12. BravoZulu
    Nurses with 13th Field Hospital near Omaha Beach sector
  13. active1
    Hello - Back in May 2013 I contacted @28th61st and obtained his permission to reuse his photos on http://www.ww1-yorkshires.org.uk which is dedicated to remembering something of the men who served...
  14. 28th61st
    Fantastic to get this information from one so knowledgeable, really adds to the recognition these guys deserve.
  15. BravoZulu
    "Supply warehouses and dock facilities at this important east coast port feel the destructive weight of para-demolition bombs dropped from Fifth Air Force's B-26 Invader light bombers. Wonsan,...

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