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  1. Bombardier
  2. Bombardier
    M8 Thunderbolt Specifications • Crew: 3 • Height: 2.54 meter • Length: 5.33 meter (hull) • Main Gun Caliber: 120 millimeter smoothbore fires HEAT and FIN • Width: 2.69 meter • Max...
  3. Bombardier
  4. Bombardier
    Just to be clear the Conger was the device fitted into the Universal carrier. Here is a photo of an experimental set up showing the conger installed into a Canadian Ram [IMG]
  5. Bombardier
    This is an experimental Ram tank installed with the Conger Mine clearance device here is another pic, you can see the conger launch tube and storage for the hose that was then filled with Nitro...
  6. Bombardier
    This was another attempt to find a way of circumventing the mine menace. Developed in early 1944 to create a narrow lane through the mine fields, this device consisted of a gutted Universal...
  7. Bombardier
    A closer look at the Conger Mine Clearance device [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  8. BravoZulu
    The first United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) was established by United Nations General Assembly to secure an end to the Suez Crisis with resolution 1001 (ES-I) on November 7, 1956. The force...
  9. BravoZulu
    Germans in a captured American Jeep, with two American Prisoners of War.
  10. BravoZulu
    Tiger I of the schwere Panzer Abteilung 502. Tank number 222 winter camouflage eastern front http://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/tanks-2-3/tiger-tank/tiger-i-in-winter-1/
  11. BravoZulu
    The Hawker Tempest was a British fighter aircraft primarily used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Second World War. The Tempest, originally known as the Typhoon II, was an improved derivative...
  12. BravoZulu
    The AEG G.IV was a biplane bomber aircraft used in World War I by Germany. It was developed from the AEG G.III, with refinements to power, bomb-load and dimensions. Coming into service in late...
  13. BravoZulu
    The Fiat 626 was an Italian medium truck that met specifications for the Italian army and air force for military operations prior to World War II. The Fiat 626 NLM operated in Italian North Africa...
  14. BravoZulu
    This image is during the London Victory Parade 1946 Sherman BARV The British BARV (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle) was designed, developed and operated by the REME (Royal Electrical and...
  15. BravoZulu
    Searching for mines. Extremely rare photograph on which assault backpacks and sidebags introduced in early 1941 can be seen. Russia, June 1941.

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