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United States Marines

Images of the United States Marine Corps USMC

30 Oct 2007


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  1. BravoZulu
    German troops with a captured Jeep towing a PAK anti-tank gun. Operation Market Garden, Dreijenseweg, Oosterbeek, Arnhem, Netherlands September 1944
  2. NebrHogger
    Getting all the blanks filled on the shot card was not a fun day. We were vaccinated for plague among other things.
  3. BravoZulu
    "Cat and Mouse Over Wake" by Marc Stewart December, 1941: During the dark days following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, U.S. Marine Corps pilots of VMF-211 heroically defended the tiny...
  4. BravoZulu
    Mixed units, France, August 1918 http://www.ww1photos.org/photo_category/groups/page/11/
  5. BravoZulu
    HMS Ardent (F184) HMS Ardent was a Royal Navy Type 21 frigate. Built by Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland. She was completed with Exocet launchers in 'B' position. Ardent took part in the...
  6. BravoZulu
    She is a monster!
  7. BravoZulu
    The 21 cm Mörser 18 (21 cm Mrs 18), or 21 cm Mörser M 18/L31, was a German heavy howitzer used in the Second World War by independent artillery battalions and batteries. A number were also used by...
  8. BravoZulu
    PACIFIC OCEAN (Sept. 26, 2011) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), top, the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Cape St. George (CG 71) and the Military...
  9. BravoZulu
    Landing Craft (Personnel) mockup for teaching troops how to exit a beached landing craft. A similar more substantial one has been rediscovered here:http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3182115?mobile=0
  10. BravoZulu
    Etival In Etival, from the ruins of the 12th century abbey block the main street. The 15th Regiment captured Etival on 8 November in the northern zone of the 3rd Division area as it cleaned the...
  11. BravoZulu
    Hawker Sea Hurricane (see "Royal Navy" on rear of fuselage) A very good potted history of the Sea Hurricane here: http://www.armouredcarriers.com/hawker-sea-hurricane-variants/
  12. BravoZulu
    August Victory by Simon Atack. Simon Atack has recreated an action flown by Pilot Officer Bob Doe during a fierce battle over the south coast, near the Isle of Wight on 18th August, 1940. Flying a...
  13. BravoZulu
    North africa, war theatre (Africa campaign) , British road sign warns to be alert. El Alamein battle zone summer/autumn 1942 Pictures | Getty Images
  14. BravoZulu
    Refueling a Macchi Mc200 of the 386th Squadron, 21 Gruppo, Italian Air Force, Eastern Front, summer 1942.
  15. Bombardier
    Ahhh theres no place like home @BravoZulu me ole chum ;)

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