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Military Trains

For all you train enthusiasts


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Recent Comments

  1. Bombardier
    @active1 Thanks mate I wil change the title and tags now.
  2. elbmek
    this image clearly shows the result of a depth charge attack by an RAF Liberator. The charge caused multiple fractures which cause massive flooding. All the crew escaped as the sub was on the...
  3. active1
    Just to avoid any possible confusion, the churchyard is in Mugginton not Muggington!
  4. elbmek
    all these were taken by me, I have others but not by me.
  5. elbmek
    The enigma machine found on U534
  6. Bombardier
    Great album mate, I went to see the U534 at Birkenhead myself many years ago. Posted some pics here too.
  7. Bombardier
    Both Valentine & Rupert have a Royal Artillery Cap Badge The Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) was formed in 1899 as a distinct arm of the British Army's Royal Regiment of Artilleryserving alongside...
  8. 28th61st
    Thanks for the Andy. Is the badge of the Royal Garrison Artillery? have a look at Valentine.
  9. Bombardier
    Rupert was an Artillery Signaller like myself, you can see his Signaller crossed flags on his left sleeve. Great historical photo mate :)
  10. 633 squadron
    that is a beast!!
  11. Bombardier
  12. BravoZulu
    Major Charity Adams, Commander, and Captain Abbie Campbell, Executive Officer, inspect the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, in England in February 1945. Source: National Archives and...
  13. BravoZulu
    @Kadir93 Titles and tags amended (Y)
  14. BravoZulu
    The OT-62 TOPAS is a series of amphibious tracked armoured personnel carriers developed jointly by Poland and Czechoslovakia (ČSSR). OT-62 stands for Obrněný Transportér vzor 62 – "armoured...
  15. BravoZulu
    This image is an Opal-I is a multi-purpose fully amphibious armoured personnel carrier developed and produced by HSW S.A. for the Polish Army, specifically an WPT Mors. (WPT for Wóz Pogotowia...

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