German Armoured Train

For other people's reference it has a round turret and double hatches (the 1942 model was the last before the switch to a hexagonal turret and the 1940 and 1941 model turret only had a single hatch that opened up to both sides) and there are rails for mounted infantry to hold onto (introduced due to wartime experience on the 1941 model onwards).

Think it's actually a T-34 Model 1942 / T-34B instead of T-34C. The angle of the picture and the lighting fooled me into think it was a hexagonal turret. It's difficult to get it exactly right. The Russians themselves referred tot the Model 1943 as the Model 1942 ... The commander's housing is missing so this can't be a Model 1943 / T-34D or later. Unless it's a hodge podge of battlefield salvage parts from different tank models.
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