Photos WW2 Finnish armed forces

Finnish POWs marching in Vyborg
Soldiers on a destroyed Soviet T-34 tank in the Vuosalmi area. Karelia 1944
'Molotov bread basket bomb" during the Winter War 1939-40. Unexploded aerial Soviet rotationally dispersing incendiary bomb, called 'Molotov bread basket' as Russians claimed not to be bombing Finnish cities but dropping bread on the starving Finnish citizens.
Lieutenant Toiviainen, commander of the 5th Company from the Infantry Regiment 34, firing a light machine gun at the Kollaa River, Dec 17, 1939.
A Finnish tanker standing next to a captured Soviet T-28. The machine is assigned the number R-48. In the background of the picture, the second trophy tank T-28 number R-49 is seen. The picture shows Soviet T-28s from the 20th Kirov Heavy Tank Brigade captured by Finnish forces in December 1939
This day in 1941, Finnish forces begin the offensive into East Karelia, part of the Continuation War against the Soviet Union. By September 1941, Finland had regained its post–Winter War concessions to the Soviet Union
A StuG III #Ps.531-10 at the 1952 Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day parade in Helsinki. This particular StuG had 11 confirmed kills during the summer of 1944, and today sits in the Finnish Armoured Brigade's garrison in Parola.
i'm not an expert in military affairs , but from what i've read on wikipedia , the Finnish-USSR war was a useless stallmate , much like the 1980s iran-iraq war it was the same thing fought in Europe , disregarding the bigger picture between the Axis and Allies .
Swedish volunteers part of Anders Grafströms Ranger Company carrying the Boys anti-tank rifle during the Winter War

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