Crime Breaking: Attack on Finnish school in Kuopio


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Apr 30, 2019

Attack in Finnish vocational school located in Kuopio. So far one dead, 11 wounded (including perpetrator) of which two are on critical condition.

Eye witness stated that he saw how a young man slashed a girl on the neck and then proceeded to stab her on the stomach.

Police used firearm against the perpetrator.

EDIT: They say the attacker was a student in the school. Police were searching the shopping center (where the school is located) for the attacker, when they found him, he starting advancing at them with sword raised and they had to fire two shots to stop him.

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More complete article:

Police say that at least one person has died and 10 - including the suspect - have been injured in a violent incident at Savo Vocational College, located in the premises of the Herman shopping centre in Kuopio.

Police said they were alerted to the incident at 12:29pm and apprehended the suspect at 12:37. In the course of the incident they discharged firearms, seriously injuring the suspect.

The man is suspected of attempted murder and several other violent crimes, according to the police.

They say the suspect is a "native-born Finnish citizen" who used a bladed weapon of some kind but also had a firearm. One of those injured is a police officer, whose injuries are thought not to be serious.

I would say good work by the police.
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terrible news speedy recovery to the injured and condolences to the family of the dead student

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