Photos WW2 Finnish armed forces

While the Finnish 3rd Light AA Battery was protecting the chimney forest of the town of Rovaniemi the German Grenadier Regiment 378 secured the crossroads of Ivalo on the Jäämenrentie.
Commander of the Task Force Lagus Maj. Gen Ruben Lagus ordered the Jaeger Brigade to launch a major attack against the German Schutzwall Line on Oct 30 1944. However, the Germans had abandoned the Line, taking defensive positions on the Kaunispää Mountain. Finnish spearhead was ambushed so the advance was paused fo a day.
Jaeger Brigade commander Col. Valter Nordgren decided to flank the enemy using Jaeger Battalions 3 and 4. When spotted being surrounded the Germans decided to retreat. All available vehicles were manned by MG, LMG and SMG gunners. Using the column as a spearhead they managed to cause enough harm to the Finns that the operation was huge success.
In the pic we see a Finnish-origin 20 ItK/40 VKT "Vekotin" (20 mm antiaircraft gun M/40 VKT "Gadget") from the Tullinpuoli (Tullinpuomi?) district, Rovaniemi, on Nov 3 1944. Some 170 of them were in use during the WWII.
SA-kuva photos # 167557 and 167554

This German Junkers Ju-88 D-1 was pictured in the Viitana area, Petrozavodsk city, on Nov 3 1941.
Reason for the belly-landing was a Flak hit and it's quite safe to assume that this 4N+PL (Wnr 1355) was repaired. 3rd pic shows the crew contacting their base for instructions.
SA-kuva photos # 62108, 62107 and 62109

Lahti L-39 anti-tank gun firing at a Soviet nest during the Continuation War (August 1944)
Finnish soldier armed with a KP/31 Suomi sub-machine gun photographed on watch during the Battle of Vuosalmi,July 1944 in the Karelian Isthmus in Finland
A Finnish soldier mans a captured Soviet PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle, September 1944
Finnish Corporal of African descent H. Sonntag, chauffeur for the military staff of the Finnish Ladoga Naval Detachmen
Finnish Corporal of African descent H. Sonntag, chauffeur for the military staff of the Finnis...jpg

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