Other Post White Island erupts

Police backtrack on criminal investigation into White Island / Whakaari deaths

Here we go. Not totally unexpected in the present day and age but since no one was stopping it either it has wider ramifications. Does level 2 shut down the ski fields in the future.

The Police haven't exactly covered themselves in glory here. More like covered their arses. While private boat tour operators and helicopter pilots were risking their lives sailing and flying in to rescue people, the Police were all "ohhh, it looks a bit dangerous. Health and Safety regulations prevent us from doing anything other than trying to claim some credit".

One of my captain mentioned how we can make our typhoons a tourist attraction, guess he wasnt far off. In fairness if you have ever been into one, preferably while on sturdy structure watching the eye pass through is amazing
Images of NZDF personnel and New Zealand Police involved in the recovery operation today at Whakaari / White Island

Looked completely normal and relatively dormant compared to most days except for the green tinge of the thermal stream.

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