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May 29, 2012
Link here to story of a soldiers frustrations.

We had an advantage over Depot and barrack based troops. At the Singapore Headquarters of Far East Land Forces, set in rolling parkland near the botanic gardens, there were employed a dozen or so white women, daughters of serving officers.

White women in Singapore were truly the holy grail of every soldier’s sexual fantasies. Somewhat stupidly we believed white women to be superior to the natives, more educated and more desirable in every possible way. In fact stupid is putting it lightly. Such a belief was based upon cultural superiority, lashings of racism, colonial arrogance and a great deal of sexual inexperience.

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I know the feeling well !
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While HQ Tanglin had its ladies, so too had BMH Singapore with the nurses. After 16.30 hours the main gates were manned to stop other unit members entering the grounds. This was set in motion due to the living in RAMC members not being able to get into the NAAFI at night due to it being packed with men trying to date the nurses.

A photo of the BMH

The NAFFI is the building in the lower left hand corner

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