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Feb 29, 2004
click on the link below, Look closely at the two pictures, have your speakers on and listen carefully, then tell me what you see.

Click here
OH YES very freakin funny!!!!, I nearly shite myself :evil: :mrgreen:
Smart**s! You ought to know better then to do that to an old man. Spittin image of my ex. The sight of those teeth has been burned in my brain for decades.
Yegods, Whatcha tryin' to do, give me a freakin' heartattack? :shock: :shock: :shock: lolb; lolb; lolb; lolb; lolb; lolb;
WOW! Good stuff my friend - frightened me big style in office too - strange sqawk admitted to by me to boss!
By the chopper silhouette in your signature.(Not the picture on the "very funny"site. dr; dr; dr;
Oh my Goooooooood, just jumped right out of my skin and screamed the house down. My bloke was in the bath, thought someone had got in the house and came running downstairs naked and armed with a Mach 3 razor and a toilet brush......Only to find me crying with laughter as that 'thing' was cackling on the screen.

Very very funny lolb; lolb; lolb; laugh; laugh; laugh;

que; xenasings; xxxx
JAYSUS, DRONEY! Thought I was gonna have to stick my tongue in a wall socket to get my heart going again. I can't wait to show my wife when she gets home lolb; .
She has. It was pretty funny. I told her she had to study the picture REAL close. She had her nose about 6" from the screen. My arm still smarts from where she smacked me :mrgreen: . Some people have no sense of humor lolb; .
JESUS H CHRIST MAN, that was freaky, i did it to ma CO as well, he jumped so high he hit his head on the roof

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