Photos F-14A Jolly Roger 1/72 Restoring one of my very first kit


The Glue Sniffer
MI.Net Member
Apr 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

Recently after building Fujimi's F-14 I was left with many spare parts and some decals and stencils. As I look at my self in the extreme corner there is this F-14 full with cobweb after cleaning i found out it was made many years ago when I was new to scale modeling and there were many missing parts as well. So, one weekend I stripped all the paint and unassembled it there were which parts which were borrowed from Fujimi and some were scratch build, some parts are still missing tho like wee parts like pitot tube and some other parts. The canopy were all messed as I used to super glue and it was clear parts all fogged up so I carefully sand it and with polishing agent somehow brought some shine back. I use Mr.color white and black with brown to get the gull gray, I hope it is similar to the real one. Once the painting is done, I applied the conspicuous marking Jolly Roger again. I hope, I did a decent restoration to this my early build, still at my learning curve and it not the best F-14 in the world but a dear one with me. The last picture is my recent Fujimi F-14. Thank you for watching and any feedback welcome.