Funny Rude but very funny parrot.

Derrick Stephenson

MI.Net Member
Feb 7, 2004
A guy is looking round a pet shop, and notices a parrot that has no legs or feet. 'Bl**dy 'ell', he says, 'what happened to you I wonder'.
The parrot says, 'I was born like this, I'm a defective parrot'.
'Hey', says the guy, 'You understood me. Can you really understand and speak English?'
'Of course', says the parrot, 'just because I'm defective doesn't mean I'm stupid. As a matter of fact, I also speak Spanish, I'm well educated, can talk about politics, religion, sport, philosophy, physics, and especially, ornithology. You should buy me, I'll make a great companion'.
'Oh, yeah', says the guy, 'then tell me, 'with no legs and no feet, how do you manage to stay on your perch?'
'Well,' says the parrot, 'it's a bit embarrassing, but I'm very well endowed, but you can't see because of my feathers, so I just wrap it round the perch, and I'm safe as houses'.
The guy buys the parrot and takes it home where it proves to be a great friend, and the guy is very pleased.
After a couple of weeks, the guy comes in from work and the parrot waves its wing for him to come over to its cage.
'I don't know whether I should tell you this', said the parrot, 'but today, the postman came, and your wife met him at the door in a flimsy see through black negligee. They came into the hall, and he lifted up her nightie and began to kiss all over her body'.
'Well, what happened then?', said the guy.
'I don't know', said the parrot, ' it was then I got an erection and fell off my perch.'

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