Space Flight

Space is an essential part of defence around the world and is the unsung arm of the military, this forum is specifically for submission of photos videos and discussion of this subject

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  • 27437106.jpg
    The Chieftain 900 - an experimental model designed to test various improvements to mobility, armour and optics.
  • aircraft
    Wahoo, A-10 Warthogs being shooted by Rafales !
  • art
    Pride of Britain by Philip West.
    The winter of 41 is remembered well by Geoffrey Wellum, pilot of Spitfire G for George. Bitter cold and heavy snow during this Battle of Britain period made flying conditions almost unbearable. The ground-crews job at RAF Manston, never easy at the best of...
  • aircraft art
    Avia S-199 "Mezk", the first fighter of Israeli air force.
  • soldiers in action
    U.S. Army engineer unit in Cherbourg shortly after the German surrender there prepares a meal of rations in a doorway.

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