Photos US and South Korean Forces

F9F-2 Panther jets of Fighter Squadron 191 (VF-191) "Satan's Kittens" dump fuel as they fly past the aircraft carrier USS Princeton (CV-37). May 1951
US Marines of the 1st Marine Division looking over a knocked out North Korean T-34-85 on their way to reinforce front lines northeast of Inchon. September 17, 1950.
A South Korean Marine fires into a hay stack where they suspect North Koreans to be hiding. September 20, 1950
ROK Marines move toward the Han River from the Kimpo air strip aboard DUKWs. September 20, 1950
South Korean Marines with North Korean Prisoners during offensive in the Han River area. September 20, 1950
Amtracs of the 1st Marine Div., carrying U.S. and ROK Marines, move to the Han River in offensive launched against the North Korean troops in that area. 20 September, 1950.
Medic gives a shot to soldier near front line. Tank from 89th Medium Tank Battalion "Rice's Red Devils" behind. 3/12/1951.
Troops from the 5th Cavalry Regt, examine a T34-85 tank captured from the Communist led North Korean forces, Waegwan, Korea. Sept 1950
F2H-2 Banshee aircraft of VF-172 pictured being serviced by maintenance personnel are on the flight deck of the carrier Essex (CV 9) operating off the coast of Korea. Between August 23 and 25, 1951, VF-172 aircraft went into action for the
first time. During one mission, in company with F9Fs, they escorted U.S. Air Force B-29s on high-altitude bombing missions over North Korea.

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