Photos Angolan Civil Wars, Rhodesian Bush Wars & South African Border Wars

And that's not MiG-15 "Fagot" but MiG-17F "Fresco". Angola AF never used single-seat MiG-15, only MiG-15UTI.
Thanks for the correction, it was in the original description
"On the 'Road of Death' between Menongue and Cuito-Cuanavale", original photo caption showing two Soviet military advisers in Angola, 1988.
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On the left is military translator Alexander Shishov, standing next to Davydovsky Anatoly Pavlovich, advisor to the head of the political department (political commissar), of the 13th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade (13 otdel'naya desantno shturmovaya brigade, 13 DShbr) of Magdagachi, during the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

Taking place between August 14, 1987 and March 23, 1988, the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale was the biggest battle to take place in Africa since World War II. The function of the Soviet advisers was to train and advise the Communist forces of the MPLA, from basic training, equipment use to planning operations. They are wearing the Cuban camouflage pattern, used by the 50,000 Cubans in Angola and by Angolan soldiers.
I remember hearing it had been the biggest tank battle since WW 2
Cuban soldiers jumping from an Mi-8 helicopter landing in Angola, 1982.
Rhodesian Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopter gunship, taking off from a landing zone, with a improvised MRAP in the (background), during the bush war
Rhodesian Sapper, 1st Engineer Battalion: with his FN FAL, in a Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopter
South African Olifant Mk.1A from 61 Mechanised Battalion Group, 20 Brigade in Angola 1987/88
Cuban soldier in Angola photographed by Ernesto Fernandez Nogueras, 1982
South African soldier during the latter years of the Border War
South African soldier in Oshivelo, South West Africa (Namibia) - 1984.

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