Photos US and South Korean Forces

F4U-4 Corsairs escorting Skyraiders off the North Korean coast, August 1951.
Aircraft carriers USS Valley Forge (CV-45) and USS Leyte (CV-32) moored at Sasebo, Japan, circa October-November 1950. The repair ship USS Hector (AR-7) is moored beyond the two carriers, with other U.S. and British warships in the distance.
1st Marine Division forward position post in the Pusan Perimeter, Korea. August 7, 1950
Retreating South Korean soldiers, Battle of Kumsong, 1953
M46 of the 1st Marine tank Battalion in Korea with a mesh screen around the turret and dozer blade, 25th of March 1953
Carrying a full bomb load, an AD-4 Skyraider of VA-65 launches from the AC Philippine Sea for a combat mission over Korea in 1951
North American F-86 Sabre fighters from the 335th Figher Interceptor Squadron, 4th Fighter Group, in Korea in April 1952
Marines pass bodies of fallen comrades during the retreat from the Chosin Reservoir, December 1950
Marines file past knocked-out North Korean T-34 tanks during the defense of the Pusan Perimeter. Coming ashore on 2-August-1950 to reinforce USA and South Korean forces, the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade lived up to its nickname, “the fire brigade,” by blunting North Korean attacks
On 25-July-1952 Marine PFC Henry Friday (L) prepares to run along a trench line as Sgt John Boitnott is ready to fire his scope-equipped M-1 Garand. After the drastic advances and retreats of 1950, the Korean War battle lines gradually stabilized to resemble WWI trench warfare
A mortar team from the 21st Infantry Regiment fires on North Korean positions at Chochiwon. July 11, 1950
A column of US Marines marched down a canyon road in Funchilin Pass, dubbed “Nightmare Alley” during their retreat from Chosin Reservoir, 1950
The crew of an M4A3E8 from 8072nd Tank Battalion drying their laundry during a break in fighting, Korea, 1950.
1st Cavalry GI’s on a jetty leading to a harbor beacon at P’ohang-Dong. July 18, 1950.
McDonnell F2H Banshee coming up in the forward elevator of the aircraft carrier USS Essex for a sortie against North Korean positions. 1951
USMC Vought F4U-4 Corsair from VMF-323 armed with rockets, Korea, Dec 1950
PFC Harold R. Bates and PFC Richard N. Martin rest atop the third objective that U.S. Marines seized during the First Battle of Naktong Bulge overlooking the Naktong River, South Korea. August 19, 1950.
Men of the 9th Infantry Regiment hitching a rid on an M26 Pershing while waiting for an enemy attempt to cross the Naktong River. September 3, 1950.
1st Cavalry Division with South Korean Guerrillas on the 38th Parallel, Korea War, 1950

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