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Sep 14, 2021
Good day and greetings from the Philippines.

I'm researching my extended family history and have a general question. I have found many WW1 records of my German ancestors who fought in WW1, including my grandfather. Apart from what are fairly clear items for individuals in the ledgers, such as the ledger headings, regimental data, inoculations, vital statistics, family members, I don't know German handwriting well enough to decipher the records to know where the person was posted and his career allocation in the campaigns in order to provide a military 1914/18 summary record in English. Would you know of any service, commercial or otherwise that can do this analysis?

I have attached the ledger pages for a cousin, Julius Rosenwald and would be most grateful for your help.

Many thanks and regards

Guten Tag und Grüße von den Philippinen.

Ich recherchiere über meine erweiterte Familiengeschichte und habe eine allgemeine Frage. Ich habe viele Aufzeichnungen über meine deutschen Vorfahren gefunden, die im Ersten Weltkrieg gekämpft haben, darunter auch mein Großvater. Abgesehen von den recht eindeutigen Angaben zu den einzelnen Personen in den Büchern, wie z. B. den Buchüberschriften, Regimentsdaten, Impfungen, Lebensdaten und Familienangehörigen, kenne ich die deutsche Handschrift nicht gut genug, um die Aufzeichnungen zu entziffern und zu wissen, wo die Person eingesetzt war und wie ihre Laufbahn in den Feldzügen aussah, um eine militärische Zusammenfassung 1914/18 in englischer Sprache zu erstellen. Kennen Sie einen Dienst, kommerziell oder anderweitig, der diese Analyse durchführen kann?

Ich habe eine Seite aus einer solchen Akte für einen Cousin, Julius Rosenwald, beigefügt und wäre Ihnen für Ihre Hilfe sehr dankbar.

Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße
Julius Rosenwald 31433_bh11438-00080.jpg
Julius Rosenwald 31433_bh09043-00079.jpg
Yes, the resolution is really poor, but I'll give the bottom row image a try. Explanations and remarks made by me come in [square brackets].
  1. Sequential number: 737
  2. Rank: [cannot read]
  3. Given name and family name: Rosenwald, Julius
  4. Religion: ev. ? [evangelical/protestant]
  5. Place and administrative district/federal state of birth: Bamberg, Bavaria / Date of birth: 9 November 1874
  6. Occupation or business: Merchant / Place of residence: Bamberg [some street name] 432
  7. Given name and family name of spouse, remark of person in question being unmarried: [?] neé Tuchmann[?]
  8. Given names and family names and occupation or business of parents: [indecipherable, both were apparently deceased at the time of recording, see the + marks]
  9. [indecipherable]
  10. State of service, a) former b) after mobilisation: a) Landsturm [militia], b) Bavarian National Guard Infantry Regiment No. 7, 18 September 1915 - 10 December 1915
Height: 1.68 [m]
Appearance: strongsworn in: 4 Oct 15smallpox vaccination: 24 Sep 15
...: roundpursuant to [some order] of 16 Oct. 15 No. 74610 St 1 b 1st typhoid vaccination: 1 Oct 15
...: roundposted to office service at [something] 2nd typhoid vaccination: 5. Oct 15
...: smallin Fürth3rd typhoid vaccination: 15 Oct 15
...: smallnumber 14 and ... 4. Dec 15 number 1 ...1st cholera vaccination: n/a
Hair: light brownnumber 14 and ... 4. Dec 15 number 1 ...2nd cholera vaccination: n/a
Beard: cropped moustache[indecipherable]
...: not applicable

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In continuation of my enquiry and for information, I translated the column headers of the ledgers:

World War One ‐ 1914 to 1918

1 Laufende Nummer ‐ Serial Number
2 Dienstgrad ‐ Rank
3 Vor‐und Familien‐namen ‐ first and family names
4 Religion
5 Ort (Verwaltungsbezirk Bundesstaat) der Geburt ‐ Place (state administrative district) of birth
Datum der Geburt ‐ date of birth
6 Lebensstellung (Stand, Gewerbe) ‐ position in life (status, trade)
Wohnort ‐ place of residence
7 Vor‐ und Familiennamen des Ehegatten. Zahl der Kinder. Vermerk, da߸ der Betreffende ledig ist. ‐ First name and surname of the spouse. Number of children. Note if the person concerned is single.
8 Vor‐ und Familiennamen, Stand od. Gewerbe und Wohnort der Eltern. ‐ First and last names, status or trade and place of residence of the parents.
9 Truppenteil (Kompagnie Squadron) ‐ Troop Unit (Company Squadron)
10 Dienst‐Verhältnisse: ‐ employment relationships:
a) frühere b) nach Eintritt der Mobilmachung ‐ a) earlier b) after the occurrence of mobilization
11 Orden, Ehrenzeichen und sonstige Auszeichnungen. ‐ medals, decorations and other awards.
12 Mit‐gemachte Gefechte. Bemertenswerte Leistungen. ‐ participated in battles. Remarkable achievements.
13 Kommandos und besondere Dienstverhältnisse. Kriegsgefangenschaft ‐ Commands and special employment relationships. Captivity.
14 Führung, Gerichtliche Bestrafungen. Rehabilitirung. ‐ Leadership, Judicial Punishments. Rehabilitation.
15 Bemerkungen ‐ remarks
I have made a closer scan of the German about postings, and outlined in red are the more specific areas I am interested in. Thanks again and regards
Thanks. (Y) The text in the red boxes translates to:

Pursuant to G.K.V from 16 Oct [19]15, No. 74620A1b, posted to office service at the border checkpoint in Fürth im Wald.
Pursuant to G.K.V. from 30 Nov. 15, No. 85110A1b par. 14 and from 4 Dec 15 par. 1 posted to border patrol.


18 Sept. [19]15 National Guard Infantry Regiment No. 7, 1st Bat. 3rd Coy.
16 Oct
18 Sep 15 transferred to Border Patrol Battalion III. Army Corps
2 Nov. 18 Assistant Civil Servant
... Nov 18 from Nuremberg central demobilisation facility to Nuremberg. Laufer...graben 43
30 Oct 16 King Ludwig Cross (K.L.K) [award for volunteer service to the Bavarian Army and the welfare of the country]
silver cross of merit [something]

In continuation of my enquiry and for information, I translated the column headers of the ledgers:
Yes, that's correct. Good work.
That is wonderful, can't thank you enough, 'Fish&Chips' for kindly translating the 'elvish' handwriting. Fascinating, just this morning I came across these pages for the abbreviations..

field codes

Julius was 41 in 1914 with 4 infant children. His residential address was in the Laufer Torgraben on the east border of Nuremberg City wall, where many of our relatives lived. They were nearly all in the Hops business and had many offices and residences in Nuremberg, and Munich. Julius died in 1940 but I have yet to find out where (possibly the Shoah). From Copenhagen in April 1937 the family crossed the sea from Southampton to New York on the Queen Mary. His wife Sofie was a widow when she arrived, once again in New York, this time by air from Stockholm, and permanently, in October 1946. She died in Cincinatti, Ohio on 27th February 1955.

Again, many thanks and regards. A photo of Julius..


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You're welcome, and you are doing a great job too researching your family's past. I just googled Julius and found a school project mentioning the family of his wife Sofie: link in German.

So I also found a "Stolperstein" memorial cobblestone that was placed in front of the building where Sofie's father Walter Tuchmann used to work:

(Image by Christian Michelides, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International)
Good day Fish&Chips and thanks for this additional info. Here's a link to the section of my draft work on Julius's brother-in-law, Walter. He was a second cousin of my Grandfather, Hans Tuchmann. There were 3 children in the family of their parents Max and Clara Tuchmann: Sofie (Rosenwald), Walter and Gertrude (Gerst). It's Max's family that I am currently researching. Again, many thanks for your help, I am hesitant to ask you for more translations from the Personnel Rosters that I have already saved but will pm you, if I may. Once again many thanks.
Here, again are extracts from the German WW1 personnel rosters, this time for Walter Tuchmann. I can manage most of it, including vitals, headings, jab lists, but the posting/field records in the same style of handwriting have me stumped. I made enlargements from the 5 rosters that exist for Walter and outlined the sections in red. Any help greatly appreciated..

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