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I was not sure if I should include these pics into the "Mountain Troops" thread, but capacity wise the RM Commandos are on par with many other "bona fide" mountain troops, so here we go!

06 December 2019
Royal Marines have been warming up for the deep freezer of the Arctic Circle by testing their winter mountaineering and vertical assault skills.
A mix of commandos, Army and Royal Navy ranks headed to Snowdonia National Park to undergo eight days of arduous mountain training to make sure they are physically and mentally ready for the extreme cold and harsh terrain of Norway in the New Year.
At the same time marines from 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group undertook vertical assault and abseiling at the iconic Dewerstone Rock on Dartmoor in preparation for thier own Arctic missions.
Already, commandos have started to arrive in Norway to undertake the cold weather warfare course hundreds of miles inside the Arctic Circle ahead of significant exercises in the region in early 2020.
From January until March they will be testing their combat and survival skills in temperatures as low as -30c, living in the wilderness but also tearing across fjords in small boats on commando raids deep into the mountains.
That will eventually lead to NATO war games Exercise Cold Response, where marines will launch amphibious raids onto the Nordic coast by sea and from the air.
Before any of that can happen, though, the marines, sailors and soldiers of 3 Commando Brigade must be able to master one of the most unforgiving regions known to man.
That makes the workouts in Snowdonia and Dartmoor an essential before stepping off to the high north.
“Mountain Training in Snowdonia has provided us with a range of unique and useful skills, and the opportunity to work with the Royal Marines in an interesting and varied environment,” Lance Corporal Nabil Toumi said.
“It has also given us the chance to work in one of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the country, and experience some of the best mountain ridges and scrambles the area has to offer. It will be a vital in preparing the unit for deployment to Norway in the New Year.”

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