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Joe Potter

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Mar 29, 2018
For several years I have been trying to identify the unnamed graves of Luftwaffe airmen that are buried in England and France, and have had a few resolved and given named gravestones, but the number of provable cases is now very few, is anyone interested in this subject?
Hi @Joe Potter and welcome to MI.Net

I am interested in the subject, its always great to see soldiers recognised and identified in this way regardless of their country of origin or who's side they fought.

Take a look at this media category

Also we have a husband and wife team who have the same interests , they are @28th61st & @28TH61ST+ONE click either of their usernames and then click albums in the profile. they have loads of albums covering this subject
In fact on looking myself at the albums of @28TH61ST+ONE she has an album that meets your needs

So assuming you would like to share your hard work with us and I hope you do, you could create an album of photos in our media, create a thread in the forums here or both, by the latter I mean you could upload your photos to the media, use the code provided with each image and post the photos into a thread specifically for that subject. :)

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