1. G

    Photos Mountain Troops

    I have a knack for Mountain Troops! So I thought I would share some pics form all over the world! Let's get started with Italian Alpini.
  2. WEHRMACHT - Gebirgsjager

    WEHRMACHT - Gebirgsjager

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  4. razorboy

    Photos 1/35 scale Gebirgsjager LG40 WIP

    A few weeks ago I began work on my current project, Dragon's 1/35 scale LG40 7.5cm recoiless gun. This gun wasproduced in both 7.5cm and 10.5cm calibers and was extremely portable and lightweight. It was used extensively by Fallschirmjager units and saw some service with Gebirgsjager troops in...
  5. soldiers in action

    soldiers in action